Leading Semiconductor Innovators Headquartered in Chengdu: A Futurology Spotlight

The semiconductor industry in China has been expanding rapidly with Chengdu, Sichuan, emerging as a hub for innovative companies making strides in this space. The thriving electronics and hi-tech industries of Chengdu provide a rich ecosystem for semiconductor companies, offering various resources such as a skilled workforce, easy access to customers, and a robust supply chain. The below companies give a snapshot of the diversity that is present in the semiconductor sector in Chengdu.


Offering magnetic sensor IC and motor driver IC series products, CrossChip is a prominent figure in the semiconductor industry. Its product lines cater to a wide audience with offerings such as current sensor chips, motor driver chips, LED driver chips, and Hall effect, and magnetoresistance effect sensor chips. These sensors are widely utilized in industrial automation, home appliances, and photovoltaic inverters.


DeepcreatIC pioneers the design and development of artificial intelligence application-specific integrated circuits. With a strong research and development foundation in the field of artificial chips, DeepcreatIC provides comprehensive solutions for numerous AI application scenarios. To learn more about DeepcreatIC, visit their LinkedIn page.

Chengdu Haiguang Microelectronics Technology

Also known as HMC and Chengdu Haiguang Wei Dianzi Jishu, this company primarily engages in integrated circuit production. They have a strong foundation in the computer, hardware, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries.

Chengdu Maike

Chengdu Maike is a hardware manufacturer that produces TGVs, IPD technical services, and related products. They provide atomizer glass, glass-based and folded substrates, 3D glass, microprocessing, micro, mini-LED substrates, electronic materials, and TGV-related characteristic process equipment.

Rongsi Semiconductor

Specializing in the design and development of bandgap semiconductor silicon carbide power devices, Rongsi Semiconductor combines mainland packaging and application solutions to build robust material, epitaxy, wafer manufacturing, and packaging testing systems.

RYCHIP Semiconductor

With a specialization in power management chips, RYCHIP Semiconductor’s portfolio includes DC-DC chips, protection chips, charge management chips, LDO chips, LED driver chips, motor driver chips, PMU chips, reset chips, and more.


Ruichengxinwei, a semiconductor design and application solution developer, provides foundry services, packaging services, and back-end design services to its users. The company’s product design and services span across various compiling processes. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies

Providing solutions for the optical communication market, InSiGa Semiconductor Technologies designs and manufactures optical communication integrated circuit chips for global telecom and datacom industries. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Tsuhan Science & Technology

A leading company in the production of chip packaging, optical components, and optical modules, Tsuhan Science & Technology is a vital player in the semi-conductor industry.

Chengdu Hongming Electronics

Chengdu Hongming Electronics offers products like capacitors, thermistors, sensors, resistors, and potentiometers catering to the electronics, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries.

Chengdu Yaguang Electronics

Established and put into production in 1965, Chengdu Yaguang Electronics Co., Ltd was the first enterprise in China to develop and produce microwave semiconductor devices and circuits. You can read more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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