Leading Environmental Engineering Companies Headquartered in Oklahoma City


Environmental engineering is a crucial field that merges engineering principles and environmental sciences to improve, protect, and understand the natural environment. This multi-disciplinary approach aids in the sustainment and advancement of various significant industries. Our focus is on showcasing a selection of brilliant companies specializing in environmental engineering and other allied industries, all located in the vibrant city of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This range of organizations exemplify the innovative and eco-conscious spirit of Oklahoma City, ranging from energy solutions providers to environmental testing services.

Whether it is exploring critical natural resources or managing waste efficiently, these unique companies are trailblazers, setting new benchmarks in their respective domains. Their commitment to ecological sustainability is commendable, and they demonstrate the implausible potential and critical importance of the environmental engineering landscape. Let’s dive into the universe of these innovative pioneers, revolutionizing the environmental engineering realm.

Please note that following each company’s introduction, you will find their respective website via underlined and linked company names. Furthermore, their respective social media handles are provided wherever available. Feel free to explore their direct online presence for a more in-depth understanding of their ventures into environmental engineering.

Galvanic Energy

Founded by Brent Wilson in 2018, Galvanic Energy is a developer of energy exploration and development solutions. Their expertise lies in geoscience applications and technologies. They also support industries producing green technology and renewable energies. Their strategic solutions work towards creating domestic supply chains of raw materials for alternative energy resources. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Guaranteed Watt Saver

Tracy Bass founded Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems, which provides residential and commercial services. Their bouquet of offerings includes commissioning, tax modeling, HVAC design and review, MEP design, energy efficiency engineering, and building science consulting. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Whitetail Services

Whitetail Services offers a wide array of solutions spanning environmental remediation, system installation, and cryogenic cleaning processes. They also specialize in utility installation, heavy equipment operations, and various other relevant services. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Oklahoma Environmental Services

Oklahoma Environmental Services offers a comprehensive suite of services, including environmental investigations, groundwater quality monitoring, soil sampling, site assessments, and more. Remediation, excavation, tank removal, drilling, and clean-up services are also part of their vast selection of services. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


TerraScapes provides landscape maintenance and design services along with other outdoor services such as sprinkler systems and pest management. Additionally, they offer weed control, fertilization, irrigation, lighting installs, and repair services. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Specialty Telecommunications Services

Specialty Telecommunications Services offers creative technology-centered, engineering solutions. Connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook for more information.

Marshall Environmental Management

Marshall Environmental Management provides a range of services, including asbestos, environmental, indoor air quality, amongst others. They cater to various sectors such as construction, commercial, energy, food services, government, manufacturing, medical, and residential. Connect with them on Facebook.


In the remediation and waste management industries, DUNAMIS ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP offers an array of services from waste liquids and solids containment to project management. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Reagan Smith

Reagan Smith is a known name in the domains of consulting, and environmental engineering. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook

Oklahoma Rural Water Association

Oklahoma Rural Water Association works in the core environmental engineering industry. Connect with them on LinkedIn Facebook, and Twitter.

Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing provides a range of crucial environmental testing services. From on-field services, analytical abilities, to phase II environmental reports services, they offer many vital services in their domain. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We hope this article serves as a resource to elevate awareness about various environmental engineering companies based in Oklahoma City. It’s inspiring to see such diversity and innovation in environmentally-conscious practices and solutions, making these companies the backbone of the sustainable future we are striving for.


Written by Mark Smith

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