Jerusalem’s Breakthrough Solar Industry Innovations: Spotlight on Futuristic Enterprises

Renewable energy is quickly becoming one of the most important industries in the world, with solar power leading the way. In Jerusalem, a city known for its historical significance and religious importance, there is a bubbling undercurrent of innovative solar energy companies reshaping the face of the renewable industry. These organizations, ranging from agriculture and water industries to product design and green technology, are creating avant-garde solutions that are driving a sustainable future.

Interestingly, these companies, including SunBoost, SolarGik, Solaris Synergy, Or Hama Energy, Agri-Light Energy Systems, 3GSolar Photovoltaics, Energiya Global, bSolar, Ener-T, and GRID, are not only making waves in Israel but also gaining global attention with their innovative contributions to solar technology.

Let’s explore these companies in detail.


Launched by founders Giora Dishon, Moshe Finarov, and Yair Salomon, SunBoost has established itself in the agriculture and solar industry. They have developed an innovative solar PV+ greenhouse, promising profitable photovoltaic electricity on top greenhouses. SunBoost’s patented technology integrates innovative and proprietary optical glass booster panels with unique greenhouse designs, promising farmers stable and sustainable income.


SolarGik operates in the Energy Efficiency, Product Design, and Solar sectors. Although details about the company’s founders are not readily available, they have a considerable presence in the industry. Further information can be obtained from their official LinkedIn page here.

Solaris Synergy

Solaris Synergy has earned a reputation in the Energy, Solar, and Water sectors, with Dr. Yuri Kokotov, Michael Reyz, and Yossi Fisher as its founders. They have developed a novel ‘solar-on-water’ power plant, promising cost-effective and reliable solar energy. You can learn more about their projects on their LinkedIn page here.

Or Hama Energy

Or Hama Energy is a global solar energy company that creates energy solutions for businesses and households. Their SkyFlower, an efficient and low-cost renewable solar energy device, merges various technologies including aerodynamics, photovoltaics, electronics, bionics, and nanotechnology.

Agri-Light Energy Systems

Specializing in AgTech, Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Solar, Agri-Light Energy Systems is another company making a significant impact in Jerusalem’s solar industry. To learn more about their work, visit their LinkedIn page here.

3GSolar Photovoltaics

3GSolar Photovoltaics is known for its contributions to the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries. Although the information about the company’s founders is not readily available, their website can provide further details. In addition, their LinkedIn page here can offer an insight into their activities.

Energiya Global

Founded by Yosef Abramowitz, Energiya Global has the ambitious goal to provide clean electricity for 50 million people by 2020. The company is focused on developing affordable solar projects worldwide. You can learn more about their vision and projects on their social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow them on Twitter at @EnergiyaGlobal.


bSolar, founded by Naftali Eisenberg and Yossi Kofman, aims to deliver industry-leading equivalent cell efficiency with over 21% today and a target of over 24% in the near future. Their LinkedIn page here provides further insights.


Ener-T International specializes in developing concentrated solar thermal power plants (CSP). They provide complete EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) services, including the supply of the solar field.


GRID focus on supplying rural areas with consistent, affordable electricity. They aim to meet the energy requirements of rural areas and offer creative solutions for fundamental issues such as lighting, clean drinking water, and communication. You can learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

These companies have successfully anchored themselves in Jerusalem’s burgeoning solar industry with their forward-thinking concepts and green technology innovations. They are truly changing the landscape of renewable energy.

Written by Mark Smith

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