Italian Innovators: Spotlight on Verona’s Cutting-Edge Energy Enterprises

On the global stage, Italy’s industrious nature is well known, and when it comes to the energy sector, this is no exception. Housed in the beautiful city of Verona, there exist numerous innovative corporations that are making significant strides in the energy industry. From conventional energy sources like automotive, to sustainable sources like biofuel and renewable energy, these companies are contributing to shaping the future of energy. This article provides a sampling of these trailblazers based in Verona, shedding light on their operations and contributions in the fast-evolving power sector.

Verona, located in the Veneto region, has become a sort of hub for energy companies. It is a strategic location, not just for the Italian energy market, but also Europe at large. The companies that have set up their headquarters in Verona are diverse and varied in their services and products. They cover the entire spectrum of the energy industry, from manufacturing to renewable energy solutions, to consultancy and technical support. In doing so, they address different aspects of energy production, management, and consumption, indicating the holistic role they play within the industry.

This article attempts to provide a brief overview of some of Verona’s energy companies. It delves into their area of specialisation, giving you an idea of the variety and diversity in this sector. In an era where sustainable and efficient use of energy is at the forefront of global discussions, these companies represent the various facets of this critical industry. Through their innovative work, they contribute to the global sustainability goals, setting new standards and trends in energy use and management.

Midac Batteries

Midac Batteries has positioned itself in the automotive, energy efficiency, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. This company distinguishes itself by manufacturing Automotive, Motive power, and Stationary batteries under the same roof. Regulatory compliance and continuous innovation are hallmarks of Midac Batteries’ operations.

AGSM Group

As a provider in electrical distribution and energy, AGSM Group is one of the energy giants in Verona. This company is renowned for its investments and developments in these sectors, with a notable presence on various social media platforms.

Alboran Hydrogen

Exemplifying renewable energy investment is Alboran Hydrogen. This company operates in the biofuel and electrical distribution sectors. Their mission is to develop and commercialize products of high technological value, such as green hydrogen to create blended gas.

Manni Group

An industry powerhouse in building material, energy, and manufacturing, the Manni Group has leveraged their expertise to contribute to the energy sector in Verona significantly.


Offering innovative solutions in energy data management, water management, and facility management, Ambercom is a reference in the IT, property management and energy management industries. Their IOT integration solutions are vital in the modern energy industry scene.

Juwi Energie Rinnovabili

With a focus on renewable energy, Juwi Energie Rinnovabili develops projects that harmoniously integrate with the environment. Their strength lies in their solid project management and engineering skills.


As an entity in the construction, energy management and engineering sectors, Easytech adds richness to the pool of energy focused companies in Verona.

SPS Istem

SPS Istem stands as an exemplar in the renewable energy landscape, with a strong focus on solar energy. They are leaders in energy efficiency, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Ware Place

With a specialisation in consulting, energy, energy management, and software, Ware Place greatly contributes to the industrial scene in Verona. Their software solutions show the role of technology in energy management and efficiency.


Cremonesi has a solid presence in the clean energy, energy efficiency and environmental engineering industries, amongst others. They offer plans for environmental, social, and economic energy sustainability, showcasing how multidisciplinary the energy industry can be.

Energy Working

Specialising in energy and renewable energy, with technical support services, Energy Working continues to make a significant impact in Verona’s energy industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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