Israeli Nanotech Pioneers: A Deep Dive into Rehovot’s Innovative Powerhouses

Renowned globally for its cutting-edge technological innovations, Israel plays a crucial role in the rise of nanotechnology. A city located in the center of the country, Rehovot, has emerged as a hub for leading companies in the nanotech industry. Representing industries ranging from digital printing to healthcare, these companies exhibit Israel’s prowess in the fields of research, development, and innovation. This article introduces some notable nanotech companies operating from Rehovot, HaMerkaz.

Landa Digital Printing

Famed for its revolutionary Nanography® technology, Landa Digital Printing is a frontrunner in the industry of commercial nanotechnology printing. Founded by Benny Landa, the company is a subsidiary of the prestigious Landa Group, and offers an ingenious method for the manufacturing of energy-efficient, light-absorbing nanopigments known as Landa NanoInk® colorants. Lauded for its capability to facilitate high quality and high speed image creation on virtually any type of paper, this technology also significantly reduces cost-per-page, making it a game-changer in the digital printing realm.


Established by Alon Yasovsky and Oded Shoseyov, SensoGenic has earned its place in the healthcare industry for its unique blend of nanotechnology and software. Committed to improving user experiences, their dedicated team of engineers, designers, and marketing professionals work tirelessly to put SensoGenic at the frontline of technological innovation. The company aspires to become a technological standard for the industry, providing comprehensive insights that industry leaders can rely on.

Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd

Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd is the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science and is an exclusive commercializer of their unique intellectual properties. The company focuses on identifying and assessing research projects with commercial potential and protecting the Institute’s intellectual property. Their inventions and technologies are licensed to industry, generating further support for basic research and science education.

Landa Labs

An innovation and incubation center of the Landa Group, Landa Labs was established in 2003. With a staff comprising chemists, physicists, materials scientists, and engineers, it engages in collaborations with market-leading companies to create industry-altering innovations. Landa Labs has birthed several spin-offs, including Landa Digital Printing that caters to commercial printing and publishing markets.

Landa Group

Landa Group, the parent company holding several game-changing subsidiaries, was founded by Benny Landa who ignited the digital printing revolution with the launch of the Indigo E-Print 1000. Following the acquisition of Indigo by Hewlett-Packard, Benny Landa initiated the Landa Group to explore the potential of nanotechnology. The group’s discovery of nanopigments signaled a second revolution in the printing industry.


HOLO/OR is making strides in the fields of industrial manufacturing and product research with its nanotechnology expertise. Although the details on its founders and company description are currently unavailable, their potential can be seen through their active social media presence and services offered on their website.

The companies mentioned above are not just leading the nanotechnology industry in Rehovot, but their progressive research and innovative solutions are making ripples on a global scale, pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

Written by Mark Smith

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