Irvine-Based Firms Revolutionizing Global Energy Management Strategies

The bustling city of Irvine, California is not just a hub of technology startups. It also hosts a plethora of dynamic companies operating within the Energy Management industry. This feature article shines a spotlight on these vibrant organizations, giving some background on their founders, operations, and focus within the industry. All of these companies are doing extraordinary work to improve energy efficiency, develop new technology, and contribute positively to our environment – all while managing the challenges of operating businesses in California.

Our first company

Gate 5

was founded in 2011 by Clifford S. Heinz, Lisa Heinz, Lynn Holton, and Richard Sherman. Gate 5 is a high-impact environmental infrastructure company with a focus on sustainably managing organic wastewater solids. Their technology transforms sewage sludge into clean water, renewable energy, and sustainable building products. The company also boasts of winning grants and awards from the California Energy Commission (2021) and the US Department of Energy (2020). For more information check their Linkedin page.


OneCharge, founded by Alexander Pisarev, Timur Karimov, and Val Krivenko, is the largest developer, manufacturer, and integrator of lithium-ion batteries for lift trucks in the United States. OneCharge’s client portfolio includes leading multinational companies. The company has also invested in technological development and ensures that maintenance its batteries are easy and efficient. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin for updates.


INSOLAR, founded by Ali Sina, is a technology company that connects solar customers with the best solar panel installers at the lowest prices in the market using Artificial Intelligence. INSOLAR started in Southern California in 2017 and has since grown to 26 states, 126 cities and counting. You can follow INSOLAR on
Facebook, Linkedin as well as on Twitter.

Stillwater Associates

Stillwater Associates is a widely-known for leveraging decades of work at major oil companies to help clients navigate challenges with industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and emerging technology strategies. Their clients include government agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as various oil and renewable fuels companies. Connect with them via their LinkedIn page for updates.


SunStreet is another company with a strong foothold in the energy and renewable industry, with a particular focus on solar energy. Stay in touch with them via their LinkedIn page for updates.

Agents West

Agents West is a manufacturing representative agency providing complete sales and marketing services to the electrical and lighting industries. They are changing the world by providing human-centric, energy-efficient, labor-saving, and life-safety products. You can keep an eye on their endeavors on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Simple Energy

Simple Energy is another noteworthy organisation operating in the energy and energy storage sector. Stay updated on their various ventures by following their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

Despite the challenging circumstances, these pioneer companies in Irvine, California have made significant strides in the Energy Management industry. Their relentless efforts to innovate and push the boundaries are truly commendable. As part of this series, we will continue to monitor these companies, and others like them, as they continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the Energy Management industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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