Innovative Danish 3D Tech Industry Redefines Copenhagen’s Technological Landscape

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, often considered one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities, is fast emerging as a hotspot for companies utilizing 3D technology. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture and vibrant culture, the city now also boasts a plethora of forward-thinking businesses that are helping to shape the future of various industries – from gaming to furniture design. In this write-up, we will explore some of the standout players in Copenhagen’s bustling 3D technology scene, shining a spotlight on their innovative solutions and unique stories.

3D technology is ushering in a new era of innovation and creativity in a range of sectors. It provides businesses with the tools they need to visualize complex concepts, build intricate prototypes and create breakthrough products. The businesses we will be discussing are all headquartered in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark and have managed to stand out in this dynamic industry due to their novel, cutting-edge approaches and tireless commitment to excellence. They are all true pioneers in their respective industries and testify to the vibrant, enterprising spirit that pervades Copenhagen’s tech scene.

The companies chosen are leading the innovation curve in the application of 3D technology across various industries. From utilizing it to create immersive gaming environments to innovative workspace solutions, they are demonstrating the vast capabilities of the industry. As we examine each one, you’ll see a unique approach to 3D technology application, and we’ll aim to provide a comprehensive bio, complete with useful links for further exploration.


NORNORM, a 3D Technology company, aims to revolutionize workspaces by integrating circularity into their design. They offer affordable workspace solutions by providing comprehensive services from planning to design, implementation and evaluation. Founder by Anders Jepsen and Jonas Kjellberg, their mission is to make workspaces better for the people they serve, the businesses they house, and the planet they impact. Find out more about them from their website and Linkedin profile.


Rokoko, founded by Anders Klok, Jakob Balslev, and Matias Søndergaard, has developed a one-stop-shop for animation and motion capture tools. With clients such as Netflix, Sony, Disney, and Microsoft, they are increasingly acknowledged for their excellent 3D Technology capabilities. Visit their Website, Facebook and Linkedin to explore more about the company.


Founded by Christina Rebel, Maximilian Kampik, Nicolai Peitersen and Tom Salfield, Wikifactory is a vibrant community of product designers, engineers and enterprises working to design, prototype and manufacture hardware products in agile ways. A visit to their website, Facebook and Linkedin will tell you more about their impressive work.

Fantastic, yes

Fantastic, yes, is committed to creating fantastic cinematic mobile games. They do story-driven 3D puzzlers that push the limits of immersive visual experiences. To learn more about their exciting projects visit their website, Facebook and Linkedin.

FLASH Diagnostics

FLASH Diagnostics is pioneering 3D histopathology to revolutionize the clinical diagnosis of cancer patients. They employ three-dimensional screening to enable absolute quantification of cancer spread and precise patient staging. For more about them, visit their Linkedin profile.


NOR3D, a 3D Technology, and Virtual Reality Creative Agency, is making its mark in the industry. Their website, Facebook and Linkedin provide more context to their work.

3D Print Scandinavia

3D Print Scandinavia is a leader in the field of 3D Printing within the 3D Technology industry. Visit their website to know more.

Utopian City Scape

Founded by Jacob Østergaard, Utopian City Scape is focused on creating browser-based, custom 3D, and virtual reality solutions to improve the built environment for individuals. Find out more by visiting their website, Facebook and Linkedin profile.

Written by Mark Smith

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