Helsinki’s Pioneering Innovators Revolutionizing the Energy Efficiency Industry in Finland

The energy efficiency industry is a burgeoning field, producing innovative solutions to reduce carbon footprints and advance sustainable practices. Within this rapidly-evolving sector, several outstanding companies have emerged on the global scene, originating from the vibrant tech and eco-friendly hub of Helsinki, Southern Finland. Here, we spotlight these pioneering organizations and learn about their extraordinary efforts towards transforming the global energy spectrum.

A common thread among these notable Finnish companies is their unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, innovative technology, and game-changing solutions. Each company has carved its distinct trajectory by leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic insight, while contributing towards the universal goal of sustainability. Together, they underline the significant role of Helsinki, Southern Finland, in driving the global shift towards energy-efficient solutions.

Through their contributions in various industries including clean energy, energy efficiency, energy management, and manufacturing, these enterprises are vital players in driving transformation across sectors and creating a sustainable world. Let’s delve into understanding each of these progressive organizations and their unique value propositions.

Norsepower Oy

Founded in 2012 by Tuomas Riski, Norsepower Oy stands as a global leader in the renewable wind energy domain for the maritime industry. Specializing in data-verified, software-operated, and low-maintenance auxiliary wind propulsion systems, Norsepower has gathered more than $6 million USD of funding to foster and pilot the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution. The company’s dedicated and sustained efforts gain backing from key investors including Lifeline Ventures Oy, Power Fund III, Finnvera Oyj, and Wate Oy, as well as Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Connect with Norsepower on @norsepowerltd on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

GreenStream Network

GreenStream Network Ltd rose from three energy and environmental experts’ common passion for climate issues. The firm initially flourished as a green certificate intermediary in the climate market, and later expanded its offerings into portfolio management. Currently, GreenStream boasts a versatile asset management business, with one energy fund and four carbon funds to its name. Apart from its local engagements, the firm forwards clean development mechanism (CDM) initiatives across diverse countries worldwide. GreenSteam’s continuous success attributes to its creative, client-centric approach and reliable service offerings. Connect with them on @GreenStreamNet on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Paroc Group

As the leading insulation solution manufacturer in the Baltic Sea region, Paroc Group prioritizes customer and employee satisfaction, constant innovation, sustainable development, and profitable growth. With multinational manufacturing and sales units, this acclaimed enterprise churns out building insulation, acoustic products, and sandwich panels, among other items. The consortium of banks and other institutional investors, together with Paroc personnel, collectively own the entity. Stay in touch with Paroc Group via their @parocgroup on Twitter.


Cervi, a specialist in ventilation, clean indoor air, and cooling solutions, provides a plethora of offerings, encapsulating energy-saving solutions, modernization of ventilation, and maintenance of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment. Keep up with their updates on their social media handles: @InfoCervi on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Dmitry Novikov helmed the genesis of the cloud-based platform Enreport, an automated, optimized operation facilitating solution for generation and distribution companies and energy consumers. Stay tuned with Enreport’s updates on their LinkedIn channel.


Hiven, under the aegis of founder Jani Leirimaa, operates an energy management platform tailored for smart charging, heating, and cooling. Hiven’s association with manufacturers and energy retailers has led to the development of smart appliances, facilitating environment-friendly, cost-effective energy consumption. Connect with them on their LinkedIn account.

L7 Drive

Co-founded by forthinkers Pasi Haikola and Pentti Bruun, L7 Drive Ltd. has championed smart energy subsystem technologies. Heralding safety, reliability, and affordability in the electric powertrain realm, L7 Drive has derived unprecedented performance levels from power electronics optimization through its unique control technology. Keep up with them via their social channels: @l7drive on Twitter, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn.

There Corporation

The team behind the Smart Home program in Nokia established There Corporation in May 2009. Globally recognized for combining Smart Metering, Smart Home, and Smart Grid solutions, the firm empowers its partners to present clients with sustainable, future-proof offerings. Connect with them via @therecorp on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Ultimately, these organizations are the torchbearers of the all-encompassing drive towards a sustainable, energy-efficient future. Situated in Helsinki, Southern Finland, they have proven the region’s prime role in enabling and enhancing sustainable practices, and shown how technological prowess can contribute to our shared global ambition for a greener planet.

Written by Mark Smith

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