Haifa-Based Nanotech Pioneers Revolutionizing Israel’s Technological Future

As the world positions itself at the cutting-edge of technology, it’s cities like Haifa, Hefa in Israel that are carving the roadmap for the future. Nanotechnology, which is the science of manipulating matter at the molecular and atomic level, is rapidly branching out into various sectors from healthcare, energy, to agriculture and food safety. This high-tech industry is fostering ground-breaking solutions and companies working tirelessly to tap into its enormous potential. Situated in Haifa, Hefa, are six such entities providing revolutionary nanotech solutions that we will be shining a spotlight on in this article.

These diverse companies range from Takwin Ventures, an incubator for nanotech startups, to OlfaGuard, a pioneer in food safety. Each company distinctively contributes to different sectors including autonomous vehicles, agriculture, health care, energy, and even jewelry. By mastering the ever-evolving realm of nanotechnology, they are reshaping crucial sectors that define the modern world.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of these ingenious companies. Feel free to visit their websites and learn more about their commendable projects.

Takwin Ventures

Takwin Ventures is an incubator and venture capital fund investing in hi-tech companies spearheaded by Arab entrepreneurs in Israel. The company was co-founded by Imad Telhami in partnership with two of Israel’s largest funds – Pitango, steered by Chemi Peres and JVP, directed by Erel Margalit. Takwin is the first venture capital fund in Northern Israel and provides start-ups with important resources like business planning, product strategy, and more. Facebook | LinkedIn


OlfaGuard is a bio-nanotech company that specializes in food safety. It is developing an electronic nose capable of detecting pathogens on food. The company identifies and distinguishes Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOC) released by Salmonella and E.coli on food samples, using patented technology from Technion. LinkedIn

NanoSpun Technologies

NanoSpun Technologies is pushing boundaries in the field of biotechnology and cosmetics. The company develops and manufactures active biological tissues for cosmetic and health applications, transforming biology into advanced medical solutions. Founded by Ohad Bendror, they are pioneering to turn biology into biomechanical solutions.

ExoProTher Medical

Cancer may soon meet its match with ExoProTher Medical’s innovative nano-particles cancer treatment. Co-founded by Alex Tendler and Lana Volokh, ExoProTher’s unique technology effectively delivers healthy p53 protein into tumor cells, which could potentially improve the treatment of over 60% of human cancers. Facebook | LinkedIn


SolOr is lighting the path with its innovative photovoltaic systems and paint based on nanomaterials. They offer cutting-edge photovoltaic technology and building-integrated photovoltaic technology, setting new standards for energy generation and smart buildings. LinkedIn

NanoFine Technologies

Dr. Basila Kattouf founded NanoFine Technologies and brought color to the world of jewelry. Their novel technology enriches the color of gold jewelry items without using any coatings by modifying atoms on the surface, impeccably controlling the final article’s hue and appearance. LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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