Guernsey’s St. Peter Port: Innovative Mining Tech Firms Reshaping Industry


St. Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey, may not be a location that readily comes to mind when one thinks of major players in the global mining industry. Yet, this picturesque harbour town, embodying the tranquil charm and sophisticated business environment of the Channel Islands, is home to an impressive portfolio of companies that are driving the future of the mining and energy sectors. In this article, we spotlight several standout companies based in St. Peter Port, each making remarkable strides in their respective fields and contributing to the vibrancy of Guernsey’s business landscape.

Investing in minerals, exploring unconventional energy sources, or daring to venture into sectors others have yet to tap into; These ventures are resource-intensive, high stakes and often fraught with risks. Yet, the companies we profile in this piece have embarked on such journeys backed by a robust vision, strategic planning, and often, a belief in their ability to change the game. They are a testament to St. Peter Port’s dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, and the town’s eminence as a hub for some of the most exciting companies in mining and energy.

So, let’s dig deep and discover the brilliance these enterprises bring to the table, and the substantial value they add to the business fabric of Guernsey and beyond.


Headquarteredin St Peter Port, BSGR is a global powerhouse in the association, mining, and non-profit sectors. Although the company’s ultimate founders remain undisclosed, BSGR’s reputation in its industries is far from undistinguished. BSGR is a contributor to the metabolic pulse of global mining; fervent, relentless, and ever innovative. More about BSGR can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Riverstone Energy

Riverstone Energy Limited operates from Guersey, focusing on the energy, finance, and financial services sectors. Besides its vast investment portfolio in global energy, particularly the exploration and production sectors, Riverstone Energy is also making strides in renewable energy. Despite maintaining an air of mystery around the founders’ identities, the company has positioned itself as a prominent player in the global energy industry. Learn more about Riverstone Energy on their LinkedIn page.


Zimplats is a significant player in the global mining industry. With its headquarters in St Peter Port, Zimplats has carved its niche in the market. The founders’ details of the company are kept under wraps, but the work they have done speaks for itself. Discover more about Zimplats on their LinkedIn page.

Zanaga Iron Ore

Zanaga Iron Ore Company Limited is renowned not only as an investment holding company but also as a monumental figure in the iron ore exploration and development realm. Located in St. Peter Port, Zanaga Iron Ore is pushing the boundaries of innovation and revealing new frontiers in iron ore development. For more on Zanaga, head to their LinkedIn page.

Alufer Mining Limited

Also in St. Peter Port is Alufer Mining Limited, another titan of the mining industry. While details about its founders are not disclosed, Alufer has left an indelible mark in the industry through its remarkable contributions. Find out more about Alufer Mining Limited through their official website.

AfriTin Mining

AfriTin Mining operates within the mining industry from St. Peter Port, Guernsey. The company’s primary focus is on tin production assets in Namibia and South Africa, with a goal to establish a world-class tin production portfolio. You can learn more about AfriTin Mining on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter.

Rainbow Rare Earths

Rainbow Rare Earths, based in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, is spearheading exciting work in the mining, natural resources, and oil and gas sectors through its exploration and development of the Gakara project. In-depth information about Rainbow Rare Earths can be accessed via their website.

Southern Iron Ltd.

Located in St. Peter Port, Southern Iron Ltd. operates as a mining company and is a subsidiary of Keras Resources Plc. Despite the absence of a dedicated website or online presence, Southern Iron Ltd. has made significant contributions to the mining industry.


Written by Mark Smith

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