Green Innovation: Newcastle’s Energy Companies Shaping Sustainable Future Technology

Newcastle Upon Tyne, a city known for its iconic Tyne Bridge, is also making a name for itself in the world of energy innovation. Home to a pool of talented entrepreneurs, the city has become a hub for startups, fundamentally reshaping the energy industry – from renewable energy and conservation to artificial intelligence and software. Let’s dive into the exciting world of these trail-blazing companies changing the face of energy from their headquarters in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

One such company, Equiwatt, is leveraging advancements in cloud computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence to transform the traditional electricity grid into a digital one. This startup envisions enabling individuals to trade their energy demand flexibility in the energy markets by building a crowd-owned virtual power plant that responds smartly to inefficient grid conditions and promotes clean energy consumption.


Founded by Johnson Fernandes and Ravneet Kaur, Equiwatt aims to facilitate a transformation in the energy industry by uberizing the traditional energy system and empowering energy consumers. Their model seeks to orchestrate power management across thousands of flexible home electrical loads, building a virtual power plant that reacts to fluxes on the electric grid and supports cleaner energy usage. Follow this exciting company’s progress on @equiwattuk on Twitter, on Facebook at equiwatt, and LinkedIn.


Cenergist has carved a name for itself in the energy and environmental consulting space, specialising in water and energy efficiency solutions. The brainchild of Mitesh Dhanak, this company is focused on contributing tremendously towards the goal of sustainable energy. Keep up with their latest updates on @cenergist on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

One Utility Bill

One Utility Bill is simplifying the bill payment process. The One Utility Bill team, founded by Chris Dawson and Dale Knight, develops software that enables letting agents to create, quote, and sell bill packages for their properties and residential tenants, serving various energy providers. Track their progress on @oneutilitybill on Twitter.

Hyperdrive Innovation

Hyperdrive Innovation, co-founded by Christopher Baylis and Stephen Irish, is developing revolutionary technologies to power electric vehicles, homes, and businesses. You can follow their journey on @HyperdriveTech on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Troocost, founded by Andrew Richardson, is on a mission to ensure small and medium-sized businesses are getting the best deal for their energy supplies. They believe with their Troocost system, suppliers pay a flat fee to compete for businesses’ custom with their best prices, potentially rendering an end to hidden commission fees in unit rates. Check out their pages on @Troocost on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Connected Energy

Matthew Lumsden and Pete Beasley’s company, Connected Energy, created their award-winning E-STOR stationary energy storage technology using 2nd life electric vehicle batteries and can be followed on @connected_energ on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Green is a digital energy buying and managing platform established by Peter McGirr, a radical step forward into the digital future of energy management. Check them out on @greensupplieruk on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Geoteric is a global leader in the development and commercialisation of advanced 3D seismic analysis technology. Their innovative software is revolutionising productivity in seismic interpretation. Get the latest updates via @GeoTeric on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Blue Square Utilities

Blue Square Utilities, a smart meter installation business founded by Steve Lees, are making waves with their end-to-end dual fuel smart meter installation solution. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

GME Industry

GME Industry, founded by Craig Morgan, specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of commercial and industrial Electrical services. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Scott Logic

Lastly, we have Scott Logic, a company founded by Gary Scott that is adding value in the energy industry through software solutions. Stay updated with their latest on @scott_logic on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These companies, each in their unique way, are leading a new era of energy innovation, not only in Newcastle Upon Tyne but also on a global scale, driving the race towards a more sustainable, efficient and interconnected energy landscape.

Written by Mark Smith

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