Fujairah’s Pioneering Oil and Gas Companies: Innovating UAE’s Energy Sector

Fujairah, a city on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, is a thriving hub for the Oil and Gas industry. With its strategic location outside the Strait of Hormuz, companies operating in this sector have advantageous access to key trading routes. The region is home to numerous companies offering a range of facilities and services related to oil and gas exploration, refining, storage, and transportation.

This article will examine some of the key players based in this thriving hub. Discover more about their history, services, and contributions to the oil and gas sector as well as the broader economy. Find out how these organizations utilize the strategic advantages of Fujairah to deliver world-class services to their clients globally.

From terminals and refineries to infrastructure construction, these companies exemplify the dynamic diversity of Fujairah’s Oil and Gas industry. They not only generate significant economic activity but also contribute to the city’s growing status as an important global energy hub.

Fujairah Oil Terminal

Fujairah Oil Terminal (FOT) is a leading onshore storage facility, offering world class facilities boasting 1.17 million cubic meter storage capacity. Founded by Baoming Shi and co-owned by a group of shareholders including the government of Fujairah, the company provides independent third party storage for crude oil, gasoil, and gasoline. Connect with FOT on LinkedIn.

Brooge Petroleum & Gas

Established in 2013 after rigorous market studies, Brooge Petroleum & Gas is a fully integrated oil and gas company operating in Fujairah’s Free Zone. Its core activities encompass liquid bulk product storage, refinery management, as well as crude oil extraction and exploration. Follow BPGIC on LinkedIn, or on Facebook.

Port of Fujairah

Port of Fujairah stands as the only multi-purpose port on the UAE’s eastern coast. Since its establishment in 1978, the port has seen consistent expansion, providing a comprehensive range of services across various sectors including construction, infrastructure, and Oil and Gas. Visit their LinkedIn page here.

Brooge Holdings Limited

Yet another major player in the Oil and Gas sector is Brooge Holdings Limited. Known for its significant contributions to the energy sector, the company continues to make strides in the industry. Connect with Brooge Holdings on LinkedIn or see their Facebook Page.

Fujairah Gold

Operating in the industrial manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and precious metals industries, Fujairah Gold offers an array of services, playing a vital role in the city’s diverse economy. Follow Fujairah Gold on LinkedIn.

Naseem Bukhari

Naseem Bukhari serves as a critical player in the chemical, energy, and oil and gas sectors in Fujairah. Its prominence in these areas is a testament to its versatility and robust operational capabilities. Connect with Naseem Bukhari on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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