Fort Worth’s Emerging Leaders in the Texas Renewable Energy Sector


Renewable energy is rapidly becoming a leading industry in the United States. Fort Worth, Texas has become one of the nation’s hotspots for these eco-friendly companies. In this article, we’re highlighting several businesses based in Fort Worth that are making significant strides in the renewable energy sector.

These companies are as diverse as the renewable energy industry itself, providing everything from solar power to oil and gas services. In each piece, we’ll explore their mission, their efforts towards renewable energy, and provide links to their company websites for further information.

While each company has a unique focus, all share a commitment to renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and innovation. Let’s dive into each of these Fort Worth-based companies and explore the future of the renewable energy industry.


Energent, a multi-billion dollar investment manager focused on climate-aligned investments, has a central focus on renewable generation assets and energy productivity. The company also invests in rail, shipping and transportation assets through credit and leasing platforms. Follow them on @energentlp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Bridgelink Power

Bridgelink Power is a developer, constructor, and operator of utility-scale solar and energy storage projects. As an integral player in the renewable energy industry, Bridgelink Power is currently focusing on expanding its operations.

Ulterra Drilling Technologies

Ulterra Drilling Technologies, a leading provider of premium PDC drill bits and downhole tools for the oil and gas industry. Ulterra combines the wisdom of industry veterans with the most recent technology to provide high-quality, high-performance PDC bits for global markets. Stay updated by following them on @ulterrabits, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

BCR Companies

BCR Companies is a construction company in the renewable energy industry. They are known for providing general construction, civil and mechanical engineering for multibillion-dollar solar and wind projects. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.

Holland Services

Founded by Robert Gaudin, Holland Services is an oil & energy company providing land services. They are particularly well-known for their efficiency and dedication to renewable energy. Stay connected with Holland Services on LinkedIn, @hollandservices, and Facebook.

The Brandt Companies

Founded by Sonny Brandt, the Brandt Companies is the largest mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) company in Texas. They are actively involved with renewable energy and information technology sectors. Follow them on LinkedIn, @brandtcompanies, and Facebook.

Bridgelink Engineering

Bridgelink Engineering is a self-performing turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction company. Notably, they have a significant reputation for excellence in the renewable energy industry, particularly in wind, solar, and battery storage. Stay connected on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Jetta Operating Company, Inc.

Founded by Greg Bird and Michael Radler, Jetta Operating Company, Inc. is a significant player in the renewable energy sector.

Baseline Energy Service

Founded by Graham Radler, Baseline Energy Service provides delivery, energy logistics, renewable energy, and solar power solutions. You can stay updated with their developments on Facebook and Twitter.


Founded by Ross Craft, Approach Resources Inc. is an independent oil and gas company focused on exploration, development, production, and acquisition of oil and gas properties. They own a leading position in the southern Midland Basin of the greater Permian Basin in West Texas. More can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Howard Supply Company

As another innovative company in the energy sector, Howard Supply Company is making significant strides in renewable energy. Their current operations and future developments hold promise for the evolution of renewable energy in Fort Worth.


Written by Mark Smith

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