Fort Worth Innovators Leading Sustainable Oil and Gas Industry Transformation

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, several cutting-edge companies are propelling the innovations in the energy domain with core focus on the Oil and Gas industry. These companies serve in diverse market sectors and specialize in their areas of expertise, contributing significantly in evolving and reframing the future of the Oil and Gas industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of these industry-leading energy companies.

With their headquarters located in Fort Worth, Texas, these companies are not only revolutionizing the energy sector at a regional scale but have also shown a significant impact globally. Armed with solid foundations, innovative approach, and relentless pursuit for growth, these companies have consistently fostered solutions to meet energy consumption needs responding effectively to industry’s demands.

With the presence of high profile companies, Texas, and more specifically Fort Worth, has now become a hub for rapidly developing and growing Oil and Gas and related sectors. This report highlights the pivotal role of these Fort Worth based companies in navigating the path of the future of Oil and Gas industry.

TXO Energy Partners

Founded by Vaughn Vennerberg II, TXO Energy Partners is an independent oil and natural gas company that emphasises on the acquisition, development, and exploration of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquid reserves in North America. The company, founded in 2012, brings forward its expertise in the energy, industrial, oil and gas domain, structuring its operations to propel growth.

Brazos Midstream

Brazos Midstream is a midstream company that not only works within the oil and gas sector but also extends its services to natural resources and professional domains. With its core focus on the development of crude oil and natural gas assets, the company has embodied itself as a growing entity in one of the most economically active oil and gas producing regions. Follow them here on LinkedIn.

HighPeak Energy

HighPeak Energy utilizes its resources towards the development of unconventional oil and natural gas reserves in primarily Howard County of the Midland Basin. Keep up with their latest updates by following them on LinkedIn.

Tug Hill Operating

Tug Hill Operating, a creation of Trevor Rees-Jones, focuses on delivering oil and clean-burning natural gas and ensures to address their customer’s inquiries diligently. Engaging in energy, mining, and oil and gas sectors, the company always ensures sustainable business practices, operational safety standards, and environmental preservation. Subscribe to their updates here.

Double Eagle Development

Double Eagle Development, led by founders Cody Campbell and John Sellers, specialises in the exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas. Double Eagle persists in becoming the dominant force in the Permian Basin in West Texas, having executed over 10,000 individual lease transactions. Follow their journey here.

Pegasus Resources

Pegasus Resources, established by George Young, specialises in the acquisition of mineral and royalty interests in proven oil and gas resource plays, with significant activities in Permian Basin.

EPUS Global Energy

EPUS Global Energy, founded by Jeffrey Johnson in 2016, targets assets for oil and gas production that have been fully vetted and are centrally located. Follow them here and here for more updates.

MD America Energy

MD America Energy offers services in oil and gas industry focusing on the acquisition, development, and productions of crude oil and natural gas. Stay in touch here.

BlueCrest Energy

Founded by Larry Lydick, BlueCrest Energy is an oil and gas production venture that focuses primarily on Alaska’s Cook Inlet basin. Stay in touch here.

Vermilion Cliffs Partners

Under the leadership of Jeff Cook, Vermilion Cliffs Partners provides oil and gas production and midstream services, focusing on developing crude oil, natural gas and water midstream infrastructure.

Basin Oil and Gas

Basin Oil and Gas, established by Stephen Howard, emphasises on providing long-term returns by building a diversified portfolio of energy assets. Stay connected here.

Written by Mark Smith

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