Extracting Energy from a Vacuum Using Quantum Technology

Key Takeaways

– Physicists claim to have extracted energy from a vacuum using quantum technology.
– The energy was borrowed from another location through quantum entanglement.
– IBM’s quantum computing platform was used to verify the experiment’s results.
– Teleporting energy across space could have practical applications in quantum computing and energy research.
– Further research is needed to fully understand and harness quantum energy.


In the realm of quantum physics, where particles can exist in multiple states simultaneously and be entangled across vast distances, the concept of extracting energy from a vacuum may seem like science fiction. However, a team of physicists has recently made significant strides in this area, claiming to have successfully extracted energy from a vacuum using quantum technology.

Understanding Quantum Energy

To comprehend the groundbreaking nature of this achievement, it is essential to understand the concept of quantum energy. In the quantum world, particles and fields are constantly fluctuating, even in seemingly empty space. These fluctuations, known as quantum fluctuations, give rise to virtual particles that pop in and out of existence. These virtual particles are responsible for the creation of energy in the vacuum.

The Work of Masahiro Hotta

The recent breakthrough builds upon the work of theoretical physicist Masahiro Hotta, who proposed a method to produce negative energy inside a quantum vacuum. Negative energy, in this context, refers to energy that is below the average energy level of the vacuum. Hotta’s theory suggested that by manipulating the quantum fluctuations, it might be possible to extract energy from the vacuum.

Quantum Entanglement and Energy Extraction

Hotta’s former students took his theory a step further by utilizing the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement occurs when two particles become linked in such a way that the state of one particle is instantly correlated with the state of the other, regardless of the distance between them.

By entangling two particles, the researchers were able to borrow energy from one location and transfer it to another. This process involved manipulating the entangled particles in a way that allowed the energy to be extracted from the vacuum and transported to a desired location.

Verification through Quantum Computing

To validate their experiment’s results, the researchers turned to IBM’s quantum computing platform. By simulating the entanglement and energy extraction process on a quantum computer, they were able to confirm the feasibility of their approach.

While some physicists have previously claimed to extract energy from a vacuum, Hotta argues that these were merely quantum simulations. The use of a quantum computer in this experiment provides a more concrete and tangible demonstration of the energy extraction process.

Practical Applications of Quantum Energy

The ability to extract energy from a vacuum and teleport it across space opens up a realm of possibilities in various fields. One potential application is in the field of quantum computing. Quantum computers rely on the delicate manipulation of quantum states, and the stability of these states is crucial for their operation. The ability to teleport energy could potentially enhance the stability of quantum computers, leading to more reliable and efficient computing systems.

Furthermore, the extraction of energy from a vacuum could provide valuable insights into the nature of energy in the quantum world. Understanding and harnessing quantum energy could revolutionize our understanding of physics and lead to advancements in energy research and technology.


The recent breakthrough in extracting energy from a vacuum using quantum technology represents a significant advancement in the field of quantum physics. By building upon the work of Masahiro Hotta and utilizing quantum entanglement, researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of teleporting energy across space.

While the practical applications of this technology are still being explored, the potential impact on fields such as quantum computing and energy research is immense. However, further research is needed to fully understand and harness the power of quantum energy. As scientists continue to push the boundaries of quantum physics, we may soon witness even more remarkable discoveries in this fascinating field.

Written by Martin Cole

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