Exploring Top Renewable Energy Innovators Based in Abuja, Nigeria


The renewable energy sector is a blossoming industry that holds the promising potential to revolutionize how we generate and consume power. Particularly in Nigeria, this industry has become a vibrant space for innovation and advancement. In this context, the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja stands as a hub for a number of ambitious companies leading the charge towards a sustainable future.

In this series, we illuminate the crucial work carried out by these pioneers. We explore their business models, their contributions to the renewable energy sector, and how they remain at the forefront, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to mitigate environmental challenges. Moreover, these companies, although diverse in focus, come together in the shared quest for alternative and sustainable energy solutions.

This article will navigate through the strides of some companies with headquarters in Abuja, their achievements, and how they are making the dream of sustainable and clean energy generation a reality.


Primarily operating in the energy, renewable energy, and semiconductor industry, Havenhill Synergy is a clean-tech utility company. Their mission is to generate clean, safe, cost-effective, and sustainable electricity in urban and rural areas in Nigeria using renewable energy, primarily solar. Make sure to follow their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Powerstove Energy

Guided by the vision of founders Glory Esse and Okey Esse, Powerstove Energy is in the business of renewable energy and smart technology. They leverage advanced technology to deliver a superior, smokeless, IoT-enabled cookstove that generates electricity. To stay engaged with Powerstove Energy, check their posts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Chanja Datti

Chanja Datti operates within the manufacturing, renewable energy, and semiconductor industry and contributes a significant part towards making renewable energy generation more sustainable. Stay updated with them by following their Twitter account, liking their Facebook page, or connecting with them on LinkedIn.


Sendavis, a company serving the industrial, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), renewable energy and solar industry, is breaking barriers in the field of renewable energy and digital excellence. Get in touch with them on Facebook.


Founded by Sanmi Lajuwomi, Winock is making strides in the environmental consulting and renewable energy industry. Their main expertise lies within solar energy investment, African business expertise, and harvesting Africa solar energy data. Stay tuned with their journey on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Telva Inc.

A brain-child of Gabriel O Godwin and Amarachi S Aniamalu, Telva Inc. works to deliver the best possible alternative to energy derivation. With its grounding in CleanTech, Renewable Energy, and Software, Telva focuses on transforming modern energy systems from fossil fuels to sustainable and renewable energy sources including solar-powered smartphones. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Written by Mark Smith

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