Exploring Top Renewable Energy Innovations from Ontario, California Firms

In the thriving city of Ontario, California, a myriad of innovative and trailblazing companies are making their mark in the renewable energy industry. These companies are redefining and revolutionizing the ways in which we utilize and consume energy, paving new pathways for a greener and more sustainable future. This article is a part of a series that introduces and highlights these groundbreaking companies operating in the renewable energy landscape.

An epicenter of progress and innovation, Ontario, California, is home to an array of pioneers in the renewable energy sector. This cluster of companies operates across various niches of the industry including clean energy, recycling, solar power, manufacturing, commercial, industrial, and environmental consulting. These companies are not only inflating the economic vitality of Ontario but also contributing with their best capacities to worldwide efforts addressing climate change and environmental sustainability.

In our ongoing journey to showcase the revolutionary companies contributing to the renewable energy sector, let us introduce seven more remarkable companies headquartered in Ontario, California, leading the charge towards sustainable energy for all.


Founded by Yi Li, Renogy is cementing its position in the renewable energy industry with its focus on clean energy, renewable energy, and solar power. Originality, innovation, and sustainability underline the core ethos of the company. Follow their journey on Facebook.


JD Wang spearheads reRubber, a company that aligns itself with the manufacturing, recycling, and renewable energy sectors. Their creativity and forward-thinking ideas are shaping the future of green energy. Connect with reRubber on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Main Street Fibers

Main Street Fibers is a recycling company that also contributes to the renewable energy industry. Providing recycling services for bottles, cans, paper and cardboard, industrial plastics, and metals, they are contributing significantly to environmental preservation practices. Get to know them more on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Solartech Power

Solartech Power is an energy company with expertise in environmental consulting and renewable energy. Their constant dedication to the promotion of sustainable energy use makes them a key player in the landscape. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Rock Removal Supplies Corporation

Working in the realms of construction, mining, and renewable energy, Rock Removal Supplies Corporation leverages technology and innovation to devise sustainable solutions. Explore their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pell Solar

Pell Solar, a company with a strong foothold in the battery, renewable energy, and solar sectors, is known for its state-of-art technology. They provide power backup during the day without a battery, proving their innovative approach. Connect with Pell Solar on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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