Exploring Thessaloniki’s Pioneering Innovations in Greek Solar Technology Industry

Thessaloniki, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, has over the years evolved into a hub for renewable energy innovation. From pioneering solar technologies to engineering solutions that make renewable energy more accessible and efficient, Thessaloniki is home to several companies that are pushing the boundaries in the solar industry. In this article, we’ll spotlight key companies headquartered right here in Thessaloniki who are actively shaping the solar industry.

Each of these companies has a unique approach to harnessing solar energy, improving the technology, or integrating it into our daily lives, furthering the importance of renewable energy. Besides bolstering the global fight against climate change, these companies are also contributing to the local economy – creating jobs and spurring innovation.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these companies and their unique contributions to the renewable energy world.

M Energy


Iris Hellas

Iris Hellas is a leading company in Greece for Renewable Energy Resources with hundreds of projects all over Greece. The sectors of expertise are solar engineering, photovoltaics, grid-tied photovoltaic systems, and net metering. Iris Hellas specializes in building photovoltaic systems. Their major competitive advantage is their innovation department, with Solarskin being the most innovative solution for the protection & self-cleaning of PV modules. Iris Hellas headquarters is located in Thessaloniki, thus covering projects throughout the country. More about them can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Sirakian Solar Technology

Sirakian Solar Technology produces solar panels, bases, and junction boxes, their products and services are solar collectors, connection boxes, selective aluminum solar collectors, full plate, strips, absorbers, allowances, collector sheets, boat profiles, and solar water heaters.

Global Energy Solutions

Global Energy Solutions is a renewable energy company. They provide clean energy and energy-saving technologies for their clients in addition to consultancy services. They offer project development, project management, and EPC services in solar and hybrid energy storage systems. Find out more on their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.


More about Dimakis can be seen on their Facebook page.



GroupStandard provides construction and maintenance of factory equipment of steel boilers. Their products include solid fuel boilers, biofuel combustion boiler DBM series, PELLET boilers, solar water heaters, pellet storage tanks, and energy fireplaces.


Written by Mark Smith

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