Exploring Tampa-Based Innovators in the Oil and Gas Industry

As the world grapples with energy issues, a number of companies have emerged with innovative solutions. These companies, based in Tampa, Florida, are making significant strides in the Oil and Gas industry, providing groundbreaking solutions to contemporary challenges. From utilizing artificial intelligence in pipeline monitoring to providing cloud-based SaaS solutions for upstream and midstream companies, these firms are truly revolutionizing the sector.

In this piece, we will explore these companies, their founders, technologies, functions, and their overall contribution to the industry. In doing so, our intention is to highlight the industry’s symbiotic relationship with innovative technology while showcasing Tampa’s substantial contribution to oil and gas advancement.

It is noteworthy to mention that Tampa’s strategic geographical positioning plays a considerable role in its dominance in the Oil and Gas industry. Situated on the western coast of Florida, Tampa provides companies in this industry easy access to vital markets in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Without further ado, let’s delve into showcasing these companies.


mIQroTech, co-founded by Meade Lewis, is a company at the forefront of integrating technology into the oil and gas sector. Their innovative use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) in predicting pipeline leaks makes them a standout player in the industry. The technology not only identifies potential threats in real-time but can also predict leaks weeks, months and even years in advance.

Fielding Systems

Fielding Systems was founded by Shawn Cutter, it’s revolutionizing the oil and gas sector with its innovative, cloud-based SaaS solutions that aid both midstream and upstream companies.

Peoples Gas

Peoples Gas is an important player in the energy sector, with operations that encompass energy management within the Oil and Gas industry and beyond.

Leslie Controls

Leslie Controls operates in the energy, industrial manufacturing, manufacturing, marine technology, and the oil and gas sectors, making it a versatile player in these interrelated industries.

Giant Oil

Giant Oil, operating within the energy, fuel, oil and gas, and wholesale industries, is a crucial component in Tampa’s Oil and Gas roster.

Propane Ninja

Propane Ninja, a delivery and service company in the oil and gas sector, completes an important part of Tampa’s Oil and Gas landscape.

Diesel 2 Gas

Diesel 2 Gas is an important part of the local and industrial manufacturing community, its operations helping drive Tampa’s Oil and Gas sector.

Gulf Coast Air Systems

Gulf Coast Air Systems, a leading player in the manufacturing and oil and gas industries, contributes greatly to Tampa’s bustling energy sector.

Best Line Oil Company

Best Line Oil Company is renowned in Tampa for its diesel fuel and bulk oil delivery services, it also sells passenger car motor oils, heavy-duty engine oils, transmission oils and much more.

CTG Power Systems Intnl., LLC

CTG Power Systems Intnl., LLC is committed to building on integrity, proven performance and complete customer satisfaction. They provide high-quality new, used and refurbished surplus electrical equipment and technical support services to their customers.

Mobile Fueling Solutions

Lastly, Mobile Fueling Solutions, a delivery-focused company specializing in fuel, oil, and gas, among others, rounds out our roster of Tampa-based Oil and Gas innovators.

Written by Mark Smith

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