Exploring Noida: Epicenter of Revolutionary Indian Smart Home Innovations

Noida is emerging as a technological hotspot in Uttar Pradesh, India, with several innovative startups establishing themselves in the city. The smart home industry, in particular, has seen a surge in home-grown companies harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and machine learning to revolutionize the way we live. In this article, we shine the spotlight on leading Noida-based companies that are making waves in the smart home sector.

The smart home trend is only just beginning in India, but it is rapidly gathering pace. With more people realizing the potential of smart homes to drastically simplify their lives and render home management a breeze, the demand for smart home products and solutions is skyrocketing. These companies are riding the wave and paving the way for a smart-home revolution in India.

From IoT devices to automation control switches, these companies are utilizing the latest technologies to create innovative smart home products that enhance our living experiences. Read on to learn more about their missions, visions, and the innovative products they’re developing.

Aliste Technologies

Focusing on consumer electronics, manufacturing, and smart home solutions, Aliste Technologies was founded by Aakarsh Nayyar, Anant Ohri, Bhavya Kansal, and Konark Gautam. The company is a cost-conscious IoT manufacturer that uses cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to produce smart home solutions. Their innovative approach to technology is revolutionizing the way homes function. Facebook | LinkedIn

GreenIPCore, PlusQO Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

With the shared vision of founders Avi Patel and Rajesh Gupta, GreenIPCore is influencing the smart home industry through their operation in a range of fields including Aerospace, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Building, Smart Cities, and Semiconductors. They aim to decrease product failure and maintenance costs whilst increasing product value and life through their Fault Resistant Feature. Facebook | LinkedIn


Livwize is a newcomer that’s daring to ask hard questions. Their relentless curiosity has led to the birth of their ultimate marketplace for affordable automation solutions. Their aim is to break the notion that luxury, convenience, and security must come at a hefty price. Facebook | LinkedIn

Sumona Automation Pvt Ltd

Established in 2004 by founder Anubhav Gupta, Sumona Automation Pvt Ltd provides professional services for automation control switches. Their product line includes a range of automation systems used in electricity, water, and fossil fuel conservation. Facebook

Founded by Pranjal Y Kumar, is a unique platform that automates the purchase of frequently consumed products. This startup aims to leverage predictive analytics to transform the way consumers shop for everyday essentials.

Livefibre connects

Specializing in digital signage, information technology, and smart home solutions, Livefibre connect offer innovative technology solutions designed to connect people to the digital world. LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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