Exploring Nicosia’s Trailblazing Machine Learning Industry Enterprises

Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, is emerging as a global hotbed for companies operating in the Machine Learning industry. With strong roots in computer science and mathematics, the Machine Learning ecosystem of the city is flourishing at an impressive pace. Marked as a hub for technology innovation, Nicosia is stunning the tech world with a spurt of businesses working dynamically in the multifaceted fields of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, and more. Let us explore some of these companies bringing radical advancement in the tech domain of Cyprus.

InData Labs

InData Labs, established in 2014 by Ilya Kirillov and Marat Karpeko, is an 80+ strong team offering AI-powered solutions along with a robust R&D center. They assist businesses around the globe in overcoming their challenges with their exquisite services which include Data Retrieval, Extraction, OCR, Computer Vision, Text Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Computing, and more. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Focusing on Financial Services, Machine Learning, and Big Data, Teastock is another Nicosia-based company, founded by Panos Angelopoulos, employing the power of machine learning to provide accurate stock movement information. Visit their Facebook page and Twitter account for more information. Don’t forget to check their LinkedIn profile for updates.


Mangosoft is a software development house that delivers high-quality digital products. The firm deals in a variety of solutions including Mobile and Web Development, Big Data, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Game Development. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

power games

Founded by Tod Mod, power games specialize in Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Mobile, and Casual Games. The company, despite having a strong online presence, is yet to fully unveil its gaming venture.


Established by Dmitry Isakov, FraudScore is an online ads fraud detection platform. Its unique traffic scoring platform uses machine learning algorithms to reach a high efficiency level in fraud detection. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for product updates and news.

Waypoint Metrics

Founded by MIchalis Paraskevopoulos and Tassos Kotzanastassis, Waypoint Metrics specializes in providing analytics solutions coupled with Machine Learning in the Real Estate domain. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more information.


OneFusion operates in the Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning domain. Their AI simulates construction, controls, climate and human impact of customers’ design while predicting climate impact over the next 50 years. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


KERNELBAY aims to provide every company in the Business-to-Customer segment with relevant insights that can be transformed into compelling strategies. With expertise in Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Deep Learning, and Augmented Analytics. Follow them on LinkedIn for more updates.

Written by Mark Smith

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