Exploring Nashville’s Green Energy Pioneers: Spotlight on Solar Tech Titans

Solar energy, once a dreamy conception of the future, has decisively entered the mainstream of global industries. Across the United States, the solar industry is heating up and Tennessee is no exception to this trend. Nashville, the vibrant capital city of the state, can proudly claim to host numerous companies that are actively contributing to the proliferation of solar energy. These bright spots are not only exploring the exciting potential of solar energy but embracing innovative ways to power our future. In this edition of Futurology, we delve deeper into these companies, all of which are making strides in harnessing the sun’s limitless energy right from the heart of Music City.

Solar power is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each of these companies specializes in various sub-sectors, from developing solar energy projects to creating software solutions for professionals in the industry, and even integrating solar panels into everyday items like jackets. Interestingly, several of these companies also cross over into other sectors related to sustainability, such as clean energy, electric vehicles, and water purification. This not only highlights the wide-ranging applications of the technology but also the integral role it plays in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

The remarkable growth in the number of solar power companies in Nashville reflects the mounting acknowledgment of solar energy as a sustainable and economical alternative to traditional energy sources. This growth spurt aligns with the broader global context, where solar power is set to become one of the cheapest sources of energy within the next few years. The companies covered in this article provide glimpses of the future of solar power and we are thrilled to share their stories with you.

Silicon Ranch

Founded by Matthew H Kisber and Reagan Farr in 2011, Silicon Ranch is a significant player in the energy, industrial, renewable energy, and solar industries. The company is a developer, owner, and operator of solar energy projects. Its focus is on providing excellent customer service while developing cost-effective and creative turnkey solar energy solutions. They work with utilities, military and defense facilities, small to large industrial facilities, and commercial businesses.

Solar Site Design

Solar Site Design was established by the entrepreneurial duo Jason Loyet and Samantha Loyet, specializing in blockchain, clean energy, digital media, energy, energy storage, enterprise software, renewable energy, and solar. The company has developed a collaborative, cloud-based content management platform that offers a complete project development solution for solar professionals.


In the diverse domains of battery, food processing, manufacturing, retail, solar, and water purification, 4Patriots is a notable presence in Nashville. The company doesn’t currently disclose the founders nor provide an official company description.


Clearloop, founded by Laura Zapata, operates in CleanTech, environmental consulting, solar, and sustainability. The company aims to help other businesses offset their carbon footprints and expand access to clean energy by building new solar projects.


Operating in marketing and solar industry, Skycharger offers EV charging for motorsports, including solar, battery storage, financing support, and electrifying fleets. They provide installation, incentive processing, and charging infrastructure services for fleet electrification.

LightWave Solar

LightWave Solar specializes in renewable energy, residential, and solar sector. This well-respected company has become the most trusted solar installer in the area, offering numerous solar solutions for businesses, municipalities, and homeowners.


Power4Patriots operates in the solar and video industries, offering a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals showing how to build your own solar panels, wind turbine, solar water heater, and solar heater.

Evolution Wear

In the exciting intersection of renewable energy, shipping, and solar industries, we find Evolution Wear. The company is keen on reshaping the way we think about energy and technology in the future, developing solar charging solutions integrated into the user’s clothing!

Energy Source Partners

Energy Source Partners, working in the energy and solar sectors, equips municipalities, healthcare facilities, and properties with tools needed for the implementation of innovative, sustainable renewable energy solutions. The company has designed and installed renewable energy systems across the state and owns and operates over 1 megawatt of solar energy capacity.

Written by Mark Smith

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