Exploring München’s Leading Innovators in the Electric Vehicle Industry

In the world of transport, electric vehicles (EVs) continue their rapid surge in popularity and importance, playing a significant role in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With advancements in battery technology and increased charging infrastructure, many people believe EVs represent the future of transportation. The German city of München, in Bayern, is home to a number of innovative companies operating in this booming industry. In this article, we will put a spotlight on some of these organizations, ranging from thriving startups to established enterprises, all dedicated to pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

With climate change’s growing threat, the world needs clean, sustainable energy solutions more urgently than ever before. This urgency is especially visible in the automotive industry, where the transition from fossil fuels to electrification is happening faster than most had anticipated. Each of the companies highlighted in this article is making a significant contribution to shaping this electric future.

München, known worldwide for its car manufacturing and technological innovations, is an ideal hub for electric vehicle companies. From developing powertrain technology to manufacturing electric utility vehicles and providing EV charging infrastructure, these companies exemplify München’s drive towards a sustainable future.

The Mobility House

Founded by Stefan Ritter and Thomas Raffeiner, The Mobility House has quickly become one of Europe’s leading providers for electric mobility. Their novel approach to smart energy emphasizes the realization of individual mobility, fuelled by regenerative resources. Operating B2B with the automotive industry, leasing services, and energy utilities, The Mobility House also works B2C with EV customers. Their goal is to help companies and individuals transition to the electric mobility domain in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way, freeing themselves from the bonds of fossil fuel solutions.

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Co-founded by Henrik Thiele, Qwello is an EV charge point operator and developer. Operating across Europe, Qwello is committed to rolling out charging infrastructure across major cities. They do this through partnerships with local municipalities and concession contracts, providing infrastructure and charging services. The goal of Qwello is to ensure that charging infrastructure keeps pace with the rapid growth in EV ownership.

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DeepDrive, founded by Felix Poernbacher and Stefan Ender, develops powertrain technology for electric vehicles. They offer EV solutions designed to make electric vehicles more modular, sustainable, and economical. By focusing on creating technologies easy to manufacture and that use standard materials, DeepDrive is aiming to make electric vehicles more accessible.

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Evum Motors

Evum Motors was founded by Dr. Martin Šoltés and Sascha Koberstaedt and is a manufacturer of electric utility vehicles. Convenient for a variety of applications, these electric vehicles provide a sustainable alternative to traditional utility vehicles.

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Commercial Charger

Commercial Charger, based in München, Bayern, Germany, operates in the Electric Vehicle industry. Although further details about the company are unavailable, it is clear that they contribute to the emerging EV sector in Germany.


SEG TOUR contributes to the electric mobility sector in a unique way, offering tour guide and event services that incorporate electric vehicles.

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Written by Mark Smith

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