Exploring Mexico City’s Influence in the Global 3D Printing Industry

As 3D printing technology continues to evolve and transform various industries, Mexico’s capital, Mexico City seems to be at the epicenter of this innovative wave. This bustling city is fostering pioneering companies that are driving forward human society into a futuristic era. In essence, these companies represent both the diversity of 3D printing application and the exemplary industriousness of the Mexican tech scene.

To appreciate the groundbreaking work being executed in Mexico City, we take a close look at some of the noteworthy companies in the 3D printing industry. These companies are not only incredible in their manifestation of futuristic technology but more importantly, they are glossing positive socio-economic change both locally and globally. It is also important to note that these companies while inherently unique, are interconnected by a shared ideology of problem-solving through innovation.

The 3D printing space as represented by the following companies is quite widespread, it covers various sectors including consumer goods, manufacturing, education, and healthcare among others. Join us as we explore these progressive enterprises that are exponentially pushing the boundaries of technological advance and application.

Grupo Gepp

Grupo Gepp, positioned in Mexico City is an extraordinary company with a broad portfolio that spans 3D printing, consumer goods, food and beverage, manufacturing, and marketing. This company is renowned for being the only beverage organization in Mexico with nationwide operations. They are bestowed with full capabilities in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, producing both carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, as well as water jugs in bulk sizes. Grupo Gepp, being the exclusive bottler of PepsiCo trademark beverages in Mexico, also develops its beverage brands and distributes third-party brands. The company’s server can host at Detailed activities are displayed on their website which directs stakeholders to stay connected and be updated on their latest inventions.

Industrias CH

Investigating this pedigree of companies, we stumble upon the Mexico City-based Industrias CH, which dips into the 3D printing industry while also manufacturing steel. It has a diversified portfolio that includes the manufacture of metal structures, traveling cranes, steelwork, and shipbuilding. Industrias CH is a manufacturer and seller of steel products while also producing and processing with constant dynamism. You can dig deeper into their sphere by visiting


Also based in Mexico City, MediPrint is a company predominantly involved in the development of customized high-tech medical solutions by utilizing 3D printing manufacturing. MediPrint works with doctors and hospitals to produce one-of-a-kind designs that offer a strategic advantage in the medical industry. With a diverse range of applications from orthopedic rehabilitation to ophthalmological uses, a splendid array of their offerings can be accessed at


Cloneme is another exciting example of a 3D Printing firm in Mexico City. The founders of Cloneme, Marta Kozak and Mauricio Lopez, have led their passionate team to combine 3D scanning, 3D printing, and Augmented Reality technologies to create interactive 4D figures of people. Explore their work at


CreativaKids is an exceptional firm, dedicated to 3D printing, education, and robotics. They have developed a unique platform that applies technology to succinctly trigger the educational curiosity of kids in these thematic areas. Go to to learn more.

Rockit Print Impresión 3D

Progressing further, you would find Rockit Print Impresión 3D as a mention-worthy establishment based in Mexico City. This 3D printing company, founded by Maria V, has meticulously crafted its space in the technological cosmos providing efficient services. Catch a glimpse of their work at

To conclude, these Mexico City-based companies have set the pace by capturing the essence of 3D printing technology. They are working diligently to solve human problems, improve productivity, and create unprecedented commercial possibilities. As we anticipate the future of 3D printing with bated breaths, these companies are already scripting the future.

Written by Mark Smith

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