Exploring Kyiv’s Pioneering Role in Advancing Global Oil and Gas Industry

The city of Kyiv, Ukraine, has become a hotbed of energy innovation in recent years. Numerous companies in the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors have set up shop in the city, leveraging the area’s rich resources and talent pool to deliver innovative solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. This article will take a look at just a few of the companies making waves in the energy sector from their headquarters in this bustling Eastern European metropolis.

Each of these companies bring unique expertise, perspectives and solutions to the energy sector. From established corporations to youthful startups, their collective work is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the energy industry. This series aims to provide a glimpse into their operations and their contribution to transforming the energy landscape in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Whether you’re an industry insider, a excited tech enthusiast, or a curious reader, we hope this exploration provides a deeper understanding of the dynamic energy ecosystem in Kyiv, Ukraine. The significance of these endeavours extend way beyond the local context – these Ukrainian innovators are helping to chart the course for a more sustainable, efficient and innovative global energy system.


Established in 2005, DTEK is a strategic holding company that invests across the energy sector, fostering new businesses and implementing advanced technologies. Founded by Rinat Akhmetov, it’s involved in coal mining, natural gas, electricity distribution and implementation of energy efficient solutions among other facets of the industry. Find them on twitter: @dtek_ua or on LinkedIn and Facebook.


A top player in the oil industry, ALLSEEDS has made a name for itself in Kyiv. Founded by Cornelis Vrins and Viacheslav Petryshche, ALLSEEDS has achieved a prominent position in their industry. Keep up with them on their Facebook page.


Ukrnafta is an integral part of the industrial, oil and gas industries in Ukraine. More information about this company can be found on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Another innovator in the oil and gas industry in Kyiv is UNB. Working from their Ukrainian base, they are a force in the energy sector. Visit their LinkedIn or Facebook to know more.


In an intersection of construction, mining, and oil and gas industries, Voltech stands apart. Further insights into this fascinating company can be discovered on their Linkedin page.

Cadogan Petroleum

Cadogan Petroleum is a name synonymous with oil and gas exploration, development and production. Visit their Linkedin page to find out more about their operations.

Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine

The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine plays a critical role in the transportation of natural gas to consumers across Ukraine. Stay updated about them through their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


IOI operates across diverse sectors: industrial, logistics, manufacturing, and oil and gas. Link up with them through their LinkedIn page.


Neftekhimprojekt is a heavyweight in the industrial, machinery manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors in Kyiv. Follow them on LinkedIn for more updates.


An important name in the electrical distribution, industrial, manufacturing and oil and gas sectors is BIDOROZA. You can also follow them on twitter: @bidoroza.


Formula is a known presence in the fuel, GPS and oil and gas industries in Ukraine. Check them out on Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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