Exploring Kyiv’s Pioneering Companies Revolutionizing the Energy Efficiency Sector

The growing importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy has led to a vibrant industry in Kyiv, Ukraine. This bustling city is home to several businesses that focus on creating innovative energy solutions, promoting sustainable practices and improving energy management. Here, we take a closer look at ten of these trailblazing companies, highlighting their unique contributions to this ever-evolving industry.

From biogas plants to ultracapacitors, the technologies developed by these companies are shaping the future of energy. These businesses not only contribute to reducing carbon footprint but they also play a role in strengthening Ukraine’s energy independence. They reflect the breadth and diversity of the energy sector in Kyiv, showcasing the city as an active player in the global move towards sustainable energy solutions and environmental responsibility.

Whether you’re interested in specific technologies such as solar and biogas or more broad-based energy solutions, these companies offer a variety of perspectives on what it means to be energy efficient. Now, let’s delve into what each of these fascinating companies has to offer.


Founded by Sergey Dubrovin, Integro-SD is dedicated to the production of organic fertilizers and renewable energy sources. Specializing in the sustainable anaerobic processing of chicken manure, Integro-SD develops technology to efficiently turn waste into energy. The company’s efforts are crucial in solving waste disposal issues while contributing to the production of renewable energy in Ukraine. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Atmosfera is an energy company primarily focused on solar power. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


With founders Natalia Stryzhakova, Serhyi Podmogilnyi, and Yuriy Maletin at the helm, Yunasko is a fast-growing start-up that specializes in the research, development, and production of ultracapacitors. Some of their main applications include transport, industry, energy supply, and consumer electronics. Check their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Ukresco operates in the energy and project management sectors.

European-Ukrainian Energy Agency

The European-Ukrainian Energy Agency works actively in energy sustainability and renewable energy fields. Follow their activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nvf Alineka

Nvf Alineka is a company focused on energy and energy efficiency.

Association For Energy Efficiency And Energy Saving

The Association For Energy Efficiency And Energy Saving is a resource for sustainable and efficient energy use. Find them on Facebook.


Midland-Trade contributes to the energy efficiency and consumer electronics manufacturing industries.

Tehnolog Production Private Enterpise

Tehnolog works on energy efficiency, manufacturing, and solar energy.

In conclusion, the vibrant energy efficiency industry in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, offers a myriad of solutions and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable energy use, improving energy management, and intensifying the development of renewable energy sources.

Written by Mark Smith

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