Exploring Innovative Energy Companies Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado

Littleton, a charming city located in Colorado, is at the nucleus of a distinctive power blending innovation and the energy industry. Recognized for their innovative responses to environmental challenges, various trailblazing companies operate from this city, forging even brighter paths for the vast and intricate landscape of energy technology. Through the integration of modern technological methods and traditional energy systems, they are revolutionizing the energy industry. In this article, we present an exclusive insight into some of these companies that impressively manage to balance the scales of innovation and traditional energy systems.

These companies have garnered global attention for their pioneering work in different areas of the energy industry, varying from renewable energy and clean technology to manufacturing and energy storage, along with oil and gas. Located in the thriving tech hub of Littleton, these companies not only champion green energy initiatives, but they also signify a new epoch in the technological revolution. Each of these companies bring a unique perspective and solution to the challenges faced by the energy sector today.

Here’s an overview of these remarkable companies located in Littleton, Colorado, their dedicated team of founders, remarkable product offerings, and outstanding contributions to the energy industry. These organizations provide a promising glimpse into the future of the energy sector, with their progressive technologies and cutting-edge solutions.

Infinite Power Solutions

Infinite Power Solutions specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of solid-state, rechargeable thin-film micro-energy storage devices for a variety of micro-electronic applications. The company’s advanced processing techniques have developed high energy density, ultra-thin, flexible solid-state batteries used in many applications.


Founded by Jeffrey T. Klenda, Ur-energy is a uranium mining and recovery company. The company takes an innovative approach to uranium exploration, development, and operation of their properties. They showcase commitment to responsible mining practices and contribute significantly to the mining industry.

Storion Energy

Storion Energy, a spinoff of R&D innovator, ITN Energy Systems, works on developing advanced power generation/storage technologies. The company is founded by Mohan Misra and focuses on stack design, electrolyte chemistry, and membrane technology.


Emporia, started by Shawn McLaughlin, is a company that brings high-end technology to home appliances. Their innovative energy monitors, smart plugs, and batteries have redefined household electrical efficiency.

Alligant Scientific

Alligant Scientific specializes in providing technical solutions in the energy and materials science industry. The company’s broad range of services cater to energy industries, showing an innovative mindset combined with a dedication to field technology.

Rolfson Oil

Rolfson Oil stands as North America’s largest fueling solutions provider for oilfields. Their unique supply chain model and fuels ensure uninterrupted fuel supply to critical oil and gas customers.

Foro Energy

Foro Energy, helmed by Joel Moxley and Mark Zediker, is leveraging the power of high power lasers for the oil, natural gas, geothermal, and mining industries. Their innovative approach showcases potential for future energy extraction methods.

Diamond Resources

Diamond Resources operates as a producer and distributor in the Oil and Gas industry. The company embodies a strong work ethic and commitment to the industry that enables effective and efficient operations.

E Squared Power Systems, Inc.

E2 Power Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive electrical engineering and technical services. With a user-centric approach, the company offers ingenious solutions for power, generator control, and protection system needs.

Starlight Energy

Starlight Energy utilizes technology to bring stranded gas resources to the market. Their methods reveal new ways of oil and gas production while optimizing resource management.

Enabled Energy

Enabled Energy is pioneering in the Energy and Information Services industry. Their groundbreaking technologies blend complex data and insights to generate more efficient energy outcomes, powering a more sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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