Exploring Innovations in Hyderabad’s 3D Technology Industry: Profiling Emerging Companies

The city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India, has emerged as a hub of technological innovation, with a plethora of companies serving diverse industry verticals. Notably, 3D technology is one such sector where this southern tech city continues to expand its horizons. The rapid advancements in 3D technology are creating new opportunities for a range of businesses including manufacturing, animation, online gaming, and civil engineering. Here, we spotlight some of the notable Hyderabad-based companies making significant strides in the realm of 3D technology.

Daava Group

Founded by Abdul Ahad and other young engineers in 2019, the Daava Group is committed to easing out the production process for manufacturers at all levels, with a mission to quickly fulfill end-users’ requirements. The company specializes in product design and development, additive manufacturing, and silicone moulding. They also have a presence in the market of manufacturing and have been actively contributing towards revolutionizing the Industry 4.0. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Pixalot Labs

Pixalot Labs, a game art outsourcing studio, offers an broad spectrum of game art creation services across sundry platforms and genres. The company provides services such as storyboard, concept art, production art, 3D modeling, texturing, and 2D/3D animation among others. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Agni Interactive

Founded by Siripurapu Mahesh, Agni Interactive is making waves in the content and online gaming industry with their innovative 3D technology solutions. Take a look at their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

TriGeo Technologies

TriGeo Technologies is extending its footprint in the 3D technology landscape through innovative software and IT solutions. For more information, connect with them on LinkedIn.

URCAD Services

Operating in the fields of 3D Technology, Architecture, CAD, and Civil Engineering, URCAD Services is a leader in providing outsourced solutions. Explore their work on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Balaji Nagarajan and Bharat Lohani, Geokno pioneers in providing geospatial and real-time 3D technology solutions. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Vidpaq provides solutions in the realm of 3D technology, animation, and video. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Owned by founders Prem Kumar Vislawath and Sai Kumar Reddy, RaastaStudios is a creative video production house specializing in 3D technology solutions for corporates and SMBs. Visit them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dinesh Kandukuri and Kanika Bansal, Designocare is dedicated to bridging the gap between design concept and design delivery through its 3D-Technology solutions. Get in touch with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Aqib Tech

Aqib Tech is transforming the retail and shopping mall industry with its 3D technology solutions. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

These companies are redefining how we perceive 3D technology, each carving their niche in diverse industries. Hyderabad’s tech landscape is certainly enriched by their contributions and the city rightly stands as an ideal destination for 3D technology innovation.

Written by Mark Smith

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