Exploring Hong Kong’s Pioneers in Machine Learning Innovations and Solutions

Hong Kong, often touted as the financial hub of Asia, is rapidly making a name for itself in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). A growing number of startups are leveraging AI/ML technologies to transform traditional business models and create innovative solutions. Located in the heart of Hong Kong Island, these companies offer unique, industry-leading products and services that encompass fields such as analytics, healthcare, finance, supply chain management and more. This article will introduce you to some of the rising stars operating in the Machine Learning industry within Hong Kong.


Founded by Abel Zhao, Alex Wong, Eric Pong, and Kelvin Chu, Freed Group Limited is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with brands using their proprietary Hybrid SaaS solutions and services. They offer end-2-end AI Digital Transformation, Smart Merchandising and Smart Marketing to transform customer engagement. The company is recognized as a global tech startup, boasting over ten offices worldwide and partnerships with several high-profile clients. With numerous accolades to their name, Freed Group is certainly a front runner in AI and Machine learning technology. You can find the company on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Calvin Lui and Haywood Shum, Binery is an AI-enabled accounting service aimed at growing businesses. They provide a digital accounting experience that allows business owners to focus on core business activities instead of navigating the complexities of accounting software. Binery can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Symphony has re-imagined preventative maintenance through IoT and Machine Learning. Founded by Alain Garner, Ludovic Krundel, and Owen Chui, Symphony streamlines the process by providing actionable alerts on potential machinery issues, thereby reducing the need for complex manual analysis from technicians. Keep up with Symphony on LinkedIn.

Comedi Health Technology Limited

Founded by Colin Chan, Comedi Health is a one-stop technological platform providing medical, healthcare and personal health monitoring services. By integrating AI programs, blockchain-based storage systems and telemedicine, Comedi aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Information about the company can be found on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Emmanuel Lefort and Komal Narwani, Weavit is a mobile/desktop application that uses AI-driven relational analytics to enrich built on data visualization and proprietary algorithms. Connect with Weavit on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Andy Chang, CP Tam, and Wayne Chung, GOFA International launched two innovative wellness apps aiming to transform lifestyles through proprietary AI technology. The firm’s value was an impressive $20 million at the time of their angel investment seed funding round in June 2021. Connect with GOFA International on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Chain of Demand

Founded by AJ Mak, Chain of Demand uses AI to distil structured and unstructured data points into actionable insights and recommendations, to improve profitability and sustainability in the retail and financial industries. Find them on LinkedIn.


SPEEQO uses voice-based machine learning software to analyse the emotional content of speech. SPEEQO’s technology can provide value across various markets. Follow SPEEQO’s innovative path on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Robotics Cats

Under the leadership of Andre Cheung, Robotics Cats is mitigating wildfire risks by leveraging AI for early detection. Their product, LookOut, can turn standard commercial video surveillance cameras into wildfire detection tools. Find them on LinkedIn

GrinBean Smart Recycling

Founded by James Lam, GrinBean harnesses the power of AI and robotics to manage urban waste. Like a beacon promoting sustainability, this startup uses AI-powered recycling bins to simplify waste sorting and reward users. Follow GrinBean on LinkedIn.

Motus Operandi

Founded by Davide Calì, Martin Kefer, and Nikhil Porwal, Motus Operandi is a cloud robotics company that makes manufacturing robots smarter, more efficient, and more productive. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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