Exploring Delft’s Pioneers in Sustainable Environmental Consulting Innovation

The bustling city of Delft, Zuid-Holland located in The Netherlands is not just known for its vibrant history and culture, it is also the home of a growing number of innovative companies in the Environmental Consulting industry. Each with a unique mission and innovative approach focused on creating a more sustainable future. In this article, we’re excited to spotlight some of these cutting-edge companies making big ecological waves right from the heart of Delft.

These companies are not only passionate about their work, but also about the impact they can make within and beyond their industry. Their products and services are bound to reshape environments, industries, and perhaps even the overall way we view sustainability. Let’s uncover their unique stories.

Without further ado, here are the companies changing the face of the Environmental Consulting industry in Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands.


Operating in the Biomass Energy and Environmental Consulting sectors, Loop was born out of the vision of founder Bob Hendrikx. This innovative company has a uniquely humane solution to restoring nature – a living, mycelium-based coffin which enriches the soil and allows new seedlings to thrive. Their different social media platforms can be found on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Next is Reefy, a company that blends engineering with biology in the Environmental Consulting and Marine Technology sectors. Pay them a visit on their LinkedIn to get updated on their work in creating resilient marine infrastructure for both people and environments.


Bringing revolutionary development in the field of Energy, Environmental Consulting, Renewable Energy, and Solar, Wellsun, founded by Sam Kin and Stan de Ridder, introduces Lumiduct. A technology that allows for energy productive, transparent buildings with full glass facades. Find them on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Comon Invent

In the B2B Environmental Consulting industry, there is Comon Invent. They continue to deliver excellent service and hold indomitable standing in the sector. Check them out through their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to learn more about their work.

ASG Netherlands

Within the sectors of Building Maintenance, Energy, Energy Management, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy, ASG Netherlands aims to provide business cases for existing services, offer energy management insights, and create access to personal data. They aim for open and transparent collaboration with paramount emphasis on service and quality. They’re available to follow through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


In the CleanTech and Environmental Consulting spheres, you will find Noria. Founded by Rinze de Vries, Noria provides solutions to clear our rivers with a traditional Dutch water technique. A grand way to finish off this list but by no means a conclusive one of all the innovative companies headquartered in Delft. Keep up with their work via their LinkedIn and

Delft is truly a treasure trove of innovative and environmental-conscious companies paving the way for sustainable change. Keep watching this space as we continue to feature more companies making strides not only in Delft but around the world in the Environmental Consulting sector.

Written by Mark Smith

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