Exploring Curitiba’s Pioneering Role in Brazil’s Machine Learning Industry

Here in the heart of Brazil, Curitiba, Paraná, a burgeoning tech scene is transforming the industrial landscape. A plethora of dynamic companies are pioneering advancements in the machine learning sector, receiving international recognition for their innovative concepts. This ongoing series highlights some of the ground-breaking companies flourishing in this high-tech hub, underscoring the booming machine learning industry that calls Curitiba home.

Such companies are developing high-tech solutions across various industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, and business intelligence, bringing a fresh, transformative wave throughout the business world. They are utilizing machine learning to enhance operational proficiency, improve customer service, increase productivity, and introduce a new era of innovation.

This list comprises the companies integrating machine learning into diverse sectors, shaping the future of commerce, healthcare, and logistics. These innovative organizations are driving Brazil’s position in the global tech scene. Let’s take a detailed look into each company listed.

4KST – Unlimited Vision

4KST, a brainchild of Riccardo Lanzuolo, is a TechFin company, uses machine learning and data analysis to provide superlative predictive models for B2Bs. This Curitiba-based firm sets itself apart by offering adaptive predictive models that dynamically capture and adjust according to evolving data inputs. Facebook | LinkedIn

EI Tools

EI Tools amalgamates emotional intelligence with AI, developing specialized software that not only diagnoses but suggests crucial action plans to cultivate emotionally intelligent leaders. Their innovative approach has helped in shaping leaders aligned for high-performance companies. Facebook


Founded in 2017 by Marlon Korzune and Rodrigo Schiavini, SmartHint deploys machine learning algorithms to analyze customer behavior and recommend relevant products. The software is installed in virtual stores, enhancing sales potential through personalized suggestions in as little as five minutes. Facebook | LinkedIn


UBIVIS brings machine learning and IoT together to form an advanced solution for industrial operation optimization. They offer cognitive analysis and a cutting-edge IoT system for data collection, transitioning businesses into the ‘Industry 4.0’. Facebook | LinkedIn

33 Robotics

Founded by Leonardo Alvarez in 2018, 33 Robotics champions innovation by providing robotic units for autonomous indoor transport. The company also offers a SaaS platform for managing the robotics units, leading to impressive Big Data generation.


Erathos, co-founded by Gelson Bagetti and Luca Piermartiri, offers comprehensive analytics services in business intelligence, data integration, and predictive analytics, underpinning business decision-making processes. LinkedIn


4VANTS, founded by Michel Sehn, leverages AI and machine learning to identify and analyze assets in images, encompassing areas beyond human comprehension. Facebook | LinkedIn

L1 SmartSolutions

L1 SmartSolutions is a software company known for integrating information technology with machine learning solutions, specialising in the development of comprehensive software solutions.

Championing innovation, these companies drive Curitiba’s tech scene, propelling Brazil’s stature in the global machine learning industry. These are only part of the prodigious firms revolutionizing industries, setting benchmarks for others to follow. This series continues to shed light on more such transformative companies rooted in the heart of Brazil, Curitiba.

Written by Mark Smith

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