Exploring Cincinnati’s Pioneering Role in the Machine Learning Industry

Welcome to another installation in our series that features companies flourishing in the field of Machine Learning. In this edition, we spotlight companies headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio,
United States. Rich with diverse industries from manufacturing to healthcare, Cincinnati is a city that provides a fertile ground for firms to leverage machine learning technology, an offshoot of Artificial Intelligence, to improve their processes, predict trends, enhance customer experiences, and drive profits.

The showcased enterprises range from small startups breaking ground in novel applications to established companies that have successfully integrated machine learning into their business model. These companies are revolutionizing the way that industries operate, providing valuable insights, automating processes, and bringing industry professionals one step closer to the future of technology.

From analytics to predictive technology, they harness the transformative power of Machine Learning to deliver efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions in their respective industries. Below you will find the bio for each of these groundbreaking companies that are setting the pace in various areas of Machine Learning.


Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Astronomer operates within several sectors including Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Data Integration, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Software. Founded by Greg Neiheisel, Ry Walker, and Tim Brunk, the firm provides Astro, a modern data orchestration platform, powered by Apache Airflow, that enables the entire data team to build, run, and observe data pipelines-as-code. The commercial developer of Airflow, Astronomer is the de facto standard for expressing data flows as code, used by hundreds of thousands of teams across the world. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.


10XTS, founded by John Bentley, II, Michael Hiles, Robert Slater, and Yogesh Kadiyala, operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, FinTech, GovTech, Legal Tech, Machine Learning, Software, and Software Engineering industry. The firm combines advanced enterprise architecture, software development, data science, and artificial intelligence with product management, capital, and marketing to launch new platforms, business models, and products. Their flagship product XDEX is a crypto asset management cloud that allows the tokenization of real-world assets. Keep up with them on Twitter and Linkedin.


Founded by David Siegel, Edzel Lapira, and Patrick Brown, Predictronics utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Software to serve businesses with actionable data insights that reduce downtime, optimize productivity, and improve product quality in industrial applications. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Predictronics has delivered AI-based predictive analytics solutions and services to more than 70 major businesses worldwide. Catch them on Twitter and Linkedin.

RINA Systems

Founded in 1994 by Leo Zamansky, RINA Systems is a full-service software firm that specializes in the fields of custom software development, machine learning, and AI. It also has extensive experience in processing large volumes of data, information retrieval, machine learning, and more. RINA Systems can be found on Facebook and Linkedin.

Deep Vision Data

Deep Vision Data specializes in the creation of synthetic training data for supervised and unsupervised training of machine learning systems. While the problem of lack of machine learning datasets is often a major development obstacle, Deep Vision Data addresses this by generating synthetic training data that is 100% accurate and labeled automatically.


Nichefire operates in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Marketing industry. Founded by Khalil El-Amin, Michael Howard, and Steven Brown, Nichefire can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Founded in 2017 by Fadi Salameh, Reconess is a company that provides AI solutions such as facial recognition and image processing technologies for a wide range of industries. Reconess believes that AI and machine learning “EMPOWER HUMANS” and is all about enriching and improving the relation between humans and machines. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Global Quality Corp.

Global Quality Corp. is a company that operates within the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning industry. Connect with them on Linkedin.


Techspex is the world’s largest database of new machine tools with specifications of over 7,000 machines from more than 600 builders. Additional information on the database includes information on key tooling and accessory suppliers, searchable by product type. Follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Known Quantity Sensors

Known Quantity Sensors is a firm that operates within the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Hardware, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Software industry.

Refract Labs

Refract Labs operates in the Consulting, Digital Media, Machine Learning, Market Research, Marketing, SEO, Software, and Web Design industry. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Written by Mark Smith

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