Exploring Chengdu’s Innovative Energy Companies Advancing Global Power Solutions

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in China, is emerging as a leading hub for energy companies. This vibrant city is home to a wide range of companies specializing in a variety of areas including commercial energy management, new energy technologies, and renewable energy among others. This feature takes a closer look at some of these companies and provides some insights into their specializations and contributions.

Historically prevalent as a petroleum and natural gas center, Chengdu has embraced the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition. The companies we highlight are not only pivotal in shaping the energy landscape in Chengdu, but also showcasing its innovation to the world. The intersect of technology, infrastructure, manufacturing and finance provides a fertile ground for these companies to grow and evolve.

Each of these companies demonstrate a strategic focus on sustainable and efficient energy solutions, whether it’s through innovations in energy management software, development of new materials and technologies, or investing in renewable energy projects. The rich diversity of these companies represents the broad and forward-thinking vision of energy industry in Chengdu. Let’s dive into these companies and their unique propositions.

Chenman Sci & Tech

Founded in 2020, Chenman Sci & Tech is a forward-thinking software company with a focus on commercial energy management. The company specialises in the development of distributed energy storage products and energy consumption measurement systems for commercial properties. Recognising the importance of digital and intelligent transformation in the commercial energy sector, Chenman is dedicated to helping clients increase energy efficiency and achieve their dual carbon goals.


Sinocat is leading the way in the development of new materials and new energy technologies. The company’s areas of expertise include the post-treatment catalysts for natural gas (CNG / LNG), diesel, and gasoline engines, as well as catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. Innovative and future-focused, Sinocat is certainly an integral player in the Chengdu energy sector.

EV Mylife

As the name suggests, EV Mylife operates within the ambitious and rapidly-growing electric vehicle industry. A leader in its field, EV Mylife is playing a critical role in promoting sustainable transport solutions and driving the future of energy in Chengdu.

Southwest Petroleum & Energy Fund

Founded in 2007, the Southwest Petroleum & Energy Fund is known for its investments in oil and liquids-rich natural wells. With strategic smarts and a broad vision, this fund is shaping the investment landscape in the Chengdu energy industry.


WANBO POWER operates within the electronics, energy, industrial and manufacturing sectors. With a diverse range of products and services, WANBO POWER is broadening the horizon of energy sector in Chengdu.


Xinchong operates in the electric vehicle industry, providing concise supply chain management along with various energy solutions.

Tianqi Lithium

Tianqi Lithium is globally operational, focusing on lithium as a new energy material. They are involved in lithium resource investment, lithium concentrate extraction, and production of advanced lithium specialty compounds.

Haohua Technology

Haohua Technology is a consulting company specializing in energy and environmental consulting. Offering a range of services, Haohua Technology is a key player in the Chengdu energy sector.

Sichuan Energy Investment Development

Sichuan Energy Investment Development focuses on construction of energy infrastructure and accelerating construction of major energy projects. Their clean energy application industry exhibits a masterful integration of industry expertise.

Houpu Clean Energy

Houpu Clean Energy is a manufacturer in the energy sector, particularly focusing on oil and gas-related materials.

Sichuan Chuantou Energy

Sichuan Chuantou Energy is at the heart of the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry in Chengdu. Additionally, they offer investment, development, operation, and management of energy projects and also provide power supporting products, information, and consulting services.

Written by Mark Smith

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