Exploring Cape Town’s Sustainable Innovators in South African Tech Scene

Cape Town, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is fast-becoming a hub for companies that aim to promote a sustainable future. These firms range from emerging startups to mature giants, all committed to creating solutions that not only build a sustainable economy but also foster harmonious coexistence with our environment. Here, we shine a light on several outstanding companies in the sustainability industry headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa.

These firms are playing a significant role in the transition from standard industrial processes to smarter, more sustainable alternatives. Their operations span a range of industries, such as biotechnology, industrial automation, renewable energy, recycling, green building, and finance, among others. Let’s take a closer look at these noteworthy sustainability champions making a difference from the heart of Cape Town.

What each of these companies shares, besides their strategic location in Cape Town, is a profound commitment to shaping a more sustainable future. Their innovative solutions are tackling some of the most daunting challenges of our time, from climate change and deforestation to waste management and energy efficiency. Now, let’s dig deeper into the profiles of these enterprises.


Inseco operates in the biotechnology, life science, organic, and sustainability sectors. This forward-thinking company is consciously designing solutions for a greener future. Stay connected with Inseco via their LinkedIn or Facebook page.


Rubicon operates in the industrial, automation, manufacturing, solar, and sustainability spaces with a focused and strategic approach. Follow Rubicon on LinkedIn, Facebook, or their Twitter handle.


Yellow concentrates on the distribution of affordable PAYG solar home systems to low-income rural households, operating in the renewable energy, solar, and sustainability sectors. Connect with Yellow on LinkedIn or Facebook.

African Circular Business Alliance

The African Circular Business Alliance, founded by Gamuchirai Mutezo, Miguel Peters, and Nair Sousa, operates across an impressive range of sectors, focusing predominantly on eco-friendly African businesses with scalable, long-term sustainability strategies. Connect with ACBA via LinkedIn or Twitter.

AltGen Recruitment

Founded by Priscilla Gibson, AltGen Recruitment operates within civil engineering, consulting, finance, recruiting, renewable energy, and sustainability spheres. They are positioned at the intersection of people and job creation within the renewable energy market. Connect with them via LinkedIn, Facebook, or their Twitter handle.

OceanHub Africa

OceanHub Africa, founded by Alexis Grosskopf, operates within commercial, consulting, environmental consulting, and sustainability sectors with a fascinating approach. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

Ecolution Consulting

Ecolution Consulting is a company dedicated to providing environmental consulting, engineering, and sustainable solutions. Stay updated via their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter handles.


SouthSouthNorth assists in understanding the social, economic, and environmental implications of climate change, focusing on sustainable development. Keep connected on their LinkedIn page or Twitter handle.


Rotolabel operates in packaging services, printing, and sustainability sectors, contributing to a more sustainable future with every product they create.


SIZA operates within the agriculture, non-profit, and sustainability sectors, with a focus on practices that respect and enrich our earth. Connect with SIZA on Facebook or Twitter.

Romano Group (Pty) Ltd

As a pioneer in the South African signage industry, solar energy industry, and indoor farming industry, Romano Group aims to be a sustainable and lean enterprise. Connect with Romano Group on LinkedIn or Facebook.

All these companies, and many others based in Cape Town, are testament to the city’s vibrant and innovative sustainability sector. Cape Town continues to inspire sustainable solutions that will shape a better future for us all.

Written by Mark Smith

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