Exploring Asheville’s Leading Solar Industry Innovators in Sustainable Energy

Solar power, a renewable energy source with enormous potential, is paving the way for a sustainable future. Numerous companies are making significant strides in this field, with several based in Asheville, North Carolina, contributing significantly to the sector. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and green living, Asheville is the perfect setting for these trailblazing enterprises, who are leading the way in harnessing the power of the sun to fuel our everyday lives. Here, we explore some of the key players in Asheville’s solar industry.

Innovative Solar Systems

Founded by Richard Green, Innovative Solar Systems is solving the energy problems of the world by installing state-of-the-art renewable energy solar pv systems. The company’s principals have been involved with energy conservation programs sponsored by the United States Department of Energy since the early 2000s. Offering more turnkey services than just about anyone in the business, Innovative Solar Systems is the go-to firm if you’re in search of engineered and installed commercial solar systems in the 500kW to 500MW range. Get connected with them on LinkedIn.

FLS Energy

Under the guidance of Dale Freudenberger, FLS Energy has developed nearly 100 solar energy projects since it opened in 2006. The company’s industry-certified teams offer complete in-house system design, engineering, and turnkey project development. Follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Blue Ridge Power

Blue Ridge Power, another prominent company headquartered in Asheville, is also making strides in the solar power industry. Tap into their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

MB Haynes Corporation

Established in Asheville, MB Haynes Corporation provides exceptional services in the construction, energy, and solar industries. Stay connected with their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sugar Hollow Solar

Sugar Hollow Solar provides solutions that transition your home, business, or other building away from fossil fuels, providing more comfort, control, and savings. They are an invaluable addition to Asheville’s green companies. Keep up with their updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Rick Clemenzi, Intelli-Products is another notable player in the clean energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors in Asheville.

Written by Mark Smith

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