Exploring Aarhus: Pioneering Danish Companies Leading in Sustainability Innovations

Welcome to another installment in our ongoing series highlighting the trail-blazing companies operating in the sustainability industry, right from the heart of Denmark’s bustling city, Aarhus. The city is home to an impressive array of innovative firms, each dedicated to making a significant impact on the world’s sustainability efforts. These organizations range from a wide range of industries such as Big Data, Mobile Apps, E-commerce, Fashion, Construction, Energy Management, and more. Let’s dive in and explore some of these pioneering companies.

You’ll notice an interesting trend amongst these companies—they all see sustainability as an essential part of their operations, not just an afterthought. This emphasis on sustainability, whether it’s through the use of sustainable materials, minimizing waste, or conserving resources, is a testament to these companies’ pioneering spirit and commitment to a greener future. So, without further ado, let’s delve into each company and their individual contributions to sustainability.

While the efforts towards sustainability can seem overwhelming, it’s these companies, and many like them, that prove we can make a difference. Let’s examine the work of these Aarhus-based companies who are fighting the good fight and leading the way for others.


Workfeed, located in Aarhus, is a Big Data, Mobile Apps, Scheduling, Software Engineering, and Sustainability company. Founded by Rasmus Skovdal, Workfeed is a pioneering company that is always looking for ways to streamline workflows and work more sustainably. You can connect with Workfeed on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Bruuns Bazaar

Another industry-leading company based in Aarhus is Bruuns Bazaar. They’ve become the name synonymous with an approach that balances sustainability with E-Commerce, Fashion, and Sales. They’ve created a fashion brand with a Scandinavian design tradition and a focus on sustainable practices. Please find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


The company Ejlskov, founded by Palle Ejlskov, is located in Aarhus and working in Natural Resources and Sustainability. Ejlskov strives to work efficiently by using innovative methods to enhance sustainability. Follow Ejlskov on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates.


LIND DNA is another example of an industry-leading company located in Aarhus. They specialize in E-Commerce, Furniture, Home Decor, Interior Design, Manufacturing, and Sustainability. Their commitment to creating environmentally conscious products can be observed in their business model. Connect with LIND DNA on Facebook, on Twitter as #lind_dna and on LinkedIn.

European Green Cities

Aarhus is also home to European Green Cities. They work in the Construction, Green Building, and Sustainability industry. European Green Cities is a source of inspiration for sustainable living and environmentally friendly technologies. Follow them on their LinkedIn page.


Worldperfect, located in Aarhus, operates within the Biomass Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability industry. Worldperfect is a sustainable consulting company focused on putting the UN world goals for sustainable development into action. They expertly combine strategy, communication, and execution in their work.

Written by Mark Smith

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