Environmental Consulting Firms Thriving in Las Vegas: An In-Depth Exploration

Las Vegas, often famous for its bustling entertainment and hospitality industry, has also stepped forward as a haven for companies in the Environmental Consulting industry. This industry’s role has become increasingly crucial in today’s context, where the world’s focus is swiftly galvanizing towards sustainable practices and solutions for the existing environmental issues. Let’s embark on a journey to explore some of these inventive, forward-looking environmental consulting companies, based in the heart of Nevada’s most vibrant city, Las Vegas.

These companies strive to address a multitude of environmental issues, varying from waste management and recycling, environmental consultancy, infrastructure development to renewable energy resources. They are unabashedly taking on the challenges that our planet is currently facing to ensure a healthier, safer, and more sustainable future for everyone.


DCARB, based in Las Vegas, is a multifaceted company reputed in sectors such as Automotive, Environmental Consulting, Professional Services, and Transportation. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Evergreen Recycling

Evergreen Recycling LLC is a pioneer in providing recycling and construction waste management services for various sectors in Southern Nevada. They are also available on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Western Elite

Western Elite, known for its time-efficient services in the environmental consulting, rental, service industry, and transportation sectors, offers professional expertise in waste disposal, recycling, and more. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Providing a wide range of services including avian, botanical, biological, and GIS among others, SNEI is another company to look out for in the infrastructure and environmental consulting industry. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Eco Allies

Found by Jack Honour, Eco Allies plays its part in combating climate change through its proprietary technologies aiming at reducing environmental damage. Their details can be found on LinkedIn as well.

Herndon Solutions Group

Herndon Solutions Group, another notable company from Las Vegas, specializes in environmental consulting, recycling, and waste management. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Sims and Associates

Sims and Associates, a chemical testing company offering comprehensive geochemical and agronomy services for a range of project sizes and sectors.

Integrity Management Group

Founded by Ken Feinberg, Integrity Management Group is another significant player mainly in the waste management and environmental consultancy sectors.

The Westmark Group

The Westmark Group is a known name in the environmental consulting, environmental engineering, sustainability, and waste management industry. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Alpha Environmental Services

Alpha Environmental Services is another noteworthy company in the business development, consulting, environmental consulting, and management consulting domains.

Stewart Environmental

Lastly, Stewart Environmental, a consulting firm, prides itself on its expertise in the field of water and environmental consulting.

Las Vegas, a city often renowned for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment sector, quite impressively also showcases its proactive role in fostering sustainability and greener future! These companies, through their diverse environmental consulting expertise, contribute significantly to a better tomorrow.

Written by Mark Smith

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