Energy Efficiency Innovations from Pioneering Companies Based in Oslo, Norway

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Oslo, the capital city of Norway, may be best known for its rich history, stunning fjords, and exciting winter sports. However, the city is also fast becoming a global hub for energy efficiency companies. Pioneering new technologies these companies are committed to improving both our daily lives and global environment via efficient energy use and management. This article provides an overview of some of the leading energy efficiency firms headquartered in Oslo.

The benefits of energy efficiency are far reaching and profound. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering sustainable economic growth, to improving energy security and reducing dependency on energy imports, energy efficiency has the potential to reshape our world in a positive way. With this goal in mind, let’s take a closer look at the dynamic enterprises driving this vital sector.

Today, we will highlight several companies that embody the spirit of progressive and innovative energy efficiency: Katapult, Greenbird Integration Technology, Empower New Energy, Noova, Nettalliansen, Altered Power, and Inva. Each offer a unique approach and application within the industry. Let’s delve right into how they are influencing the field of energy efficiency with their impressive solutions, all while remaining rooted in the beautiful city of Oslo.


Founded by Anders Lier, Haakon Brunell, and Tharald Nustad, Katapult is a company that believes in the power of capital and business to solve the world’s grand challenges, such as achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They invest in and support early stage impact tech startups, funds and projects, with a key focus on impact investing. This firm is shaping the future through their pioneering approach to impact investment with a specific emphasis on technology as a force for good. Follow Katapult on Twitter and Facebook.

Greenbird Integration Technology

Greenbird Integration Technology, co-founded by Marius Hansen and Thorsten Heller, offers its unique product, Utilihive. Utilihive operates as an operating system for digitally platformed utilities and energy cloud, leading Greenbird to be recognised as a thought leader for digital innovation within the Energy Revolution. Find them on Facebook or alternatively, check them out on LinkedIn.

Empower New Energy

Empower New Energy is a firm that primarily serves commercial and industrial clients and local communities by mobilizing international capital for diverse energy projects. Its commitment towards improving energy efficiency throughout various sectors is commendable.


Noova offers solutions that enable customers to monitor consumption patterns to uncover illogical consumption or areas where it is possible to use energy smarter. This intelligent analysis can lead to substantial energy savings. Learn more about Noova on their Facebook page.


An entity within the energy and information technology sector, Nettalliansen is a platform looking for innovative solutions in the energy efficiency sector. Explore more about Nettalliansen on their Facebook page.

Altered Power

Altered Power aims to revolutionize the portable power supply industry. They are developing micro power plants for powering mobiles, tablets, cameras, and other devices, delivering wireless energy that can be used on the go.


Inva operates in the field of energy efficiency, environmental engineering, and renewable energy. Active in the enhancement of sustainable energy solutions, the company contributes to the thriving energy efficiency industry in Oslo.

In conclusion, Oslo is not only a historic city with a rich culture, but it is also a bustling hub of technological advancement in the energy efficiency sector. Companies like those highlighted are taking impressive strides and contributing significantly to a more sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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