Emerging Filipino Renewable Energy Innovators Headquartered in Makati, Manila

In the heart of the bustling Metropolis of Makati, Manila, in the Philippines, there is a steady influx of innovative companies dedicated to the development and promotion of renewable energy. A pioneer in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is progressively increasing its reliance on renewable energy sources. These companies located in the city not only contribute to the attainment of this goal but also pave the way for the growth of renewable energy across the globe. Here we delve into some of the trail-blazing companies headquartered in Makati, and their contributions to the clean energy campaigns.

Embodying a promising combination of youthful vibrancy and seasoned wisdom, these companies are at different stages of their growth and development. They demonstrate that the path to a clean, renewable future is paved by various walks of life and different areas of specialization. Plunging into their stories, we gain insight into the obstacles and triumphs encountered in their journey.

In this series, we look at companies operating within the renewable energy industry. This exploration provides the necessary context to understand their genesis, vision, and eventual contributions to the world. We aim to present an insider view of these companies, helping to inspire future generations to follow suit in the pursuit of a green and renewable earth.


ACEN was founded by Fernando Zobel De Ayala, marking its presence in the clean energy industry. With its Facebook and LinkedIn pages keeping followers up-to-date, the company is a significant player in the renewable energy sector. The leading energy platform of the Ayala Group, ACEN steers the renewable energy sector with almost 4,000 MW of attributable capacity from owned facilities scattered across Southeast Asia and Australia.


Alternergy, a company operating in the sustainable energy sector, is a reputable player in clean energy, renewable energy, solar power, and sustainability. Its contribution to clean energy campaigns is immense despite limited social media exposure.

Solaready PH

Robert Lopez Puckett founded Solaready PH to harness solar power for both small and large-scale installations. With its diverse range of products and services, the company provides cost-effective solutions with the highest environmental benefits, as reflected on their active Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


CleverHeat, a company operating in the renewable energy sector, utilizes innovative ways to conserve energy. Though not too observant on social media, it maintains an active Facebook page.

Global Business Power

Global Business Power is a significant player in the energy, power grid, and renewable energy industries. With its contributions to building a sustainable environment being multi-faceted and immense. You can own more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Mrc Allied

Mrc Allied, with its integrated approach to development, contributes to the renewable energy sector in unique ways. The firm maintains an active Twitter and Facebook presence.

Coal Asia Holdings

Coal Asia Holdings takes a unique approach at the intersection of the energy, mining, and renewable energy industries. Despite limited social media presence, it has profound contributions towards clean energy campaigns.


Strategiweb works in the energy and renewable energy industries. With its contributions directed towards energy management and sustainability, it is an essential player in these sectors. Follow them on Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.

Written by Mark Smith

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