Emerging Energy Enterprises Leading the Charge in Selangor, Malaysia

Selangor, Malaysia, a thriving hub of energy related enterprises, has seen an exponential expansion of companies that are innovating and advocating for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable oil and gas exploration. With a strategic geographical location, an advanced infrastructure, and governmental support, Selangor offers an ideal business environment for various corporations operating within the energy sector. These companies range from non-profit initiatives to multinational corporations, all leading towards the same goal of powering the future in more sustainable, economic, and efficient ways. This article aims to highlight a number of prime examples of energy-focused organizations headquartered in Selangor, along with a brief introduction to each.

GreenTech Malaysia

This association plays a pivotal role in the energy sector of Malaysia not only by promoting the application of green technologies but also by demonstrating its social and economic viability. GreenTech Malaysia is involved in numerous projects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and non-profit initiatives.Facebook


SPM (M) SDN. BHD operates in the construction, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors. The company’s multi-disciplinary expertise spans across various energy sectors, reflecting a diverse portfolio.

Weststar Aviation

With a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency, Weststar Aviation caters to the oil and gas industry and various air transportation needs. Their commitment to safety, along with offering high-performance service, has made them one of the global leaders in the offshore helicopter services industry. Facebook

Plomo Group

The Plomo Group, an approved Petronas Licensed SWEC code holder, offers a range of marine consulting services. Their core business activities involve ship management and chartering and they regularly engage with clients such as Petronas Carigali, Exxon, HESS, and Shell.Facebook LinkedIn

SapuraCrest Petroleum

SapuraCrest Petroleum is a key player in energy, fuel, oil, and gas sectors in Malaysia. Their services extend to chartering vessels, installing offshore platforms and marine pipelines, drilling offshore oil wells, and supplying equipment for oil and gas activities.

Reneon Technologies

Founded in 2012, Reneon Technologies has grown into a comprehensive energy saving solution firm from energy audits to complete energy efficiency solutions . They have been committed to providing best and price-competitive products.Facebook LinkedIn

Harta Maintenance

Harta Maintenance specialises in various areas such as asset management, energy management, facility management, health care, housekeeping service, and landscaping.LinkedIn


Operating in the energy, food and beverage, manufacturing, and tourism sectors, Eden is a diversified company that has managed to create a niche for itself within the Selangor business community.Facebook LinkedIn

This article is one in a series that focuses on companies based in Selangor, Malaysia, and is intended to provide a comprehensive guide to those interested in the country’s growing energy sector. Keep following for more articles that highlight specific sectors in detail.

Written by Mark Smith

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