Edmonton’s Pioneering Environmental Engineering Firms Shaping Canada’s Sustainable Future

Environmental Engineering in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Leading Companies in the Industry

Environmental engineering is making a big splash in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and for a good reason. As awareness and concern for our planet grow, companies specialising in Environmental Engineering are taking on the challenge by creating innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and business operations. Based right here in Edmonton, these companies are pushing the boundaries of technology to transform various industries like Mining, Forestry, Construction, and Energy. Let’s meet some of these trailblazing companies making a difference:

Copperstone Technologies

Co-founded by Jamie Yuen, Nicolas Olmedo and Stephen Dwyer, Copperstone Technologies brings a range of specialties including Drones, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, GreenTech, Mining Technology, and Robotics. This company strives to assist large mining companies in managing the liabilities and safety costs associated with their tailings ponds, with their field robot, HELIX. Learn more about Copperstone Technologies on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

2S Water Incorporated

Founded by Anthea Sargeaunt, 2S Water Incorporated has developed a real-time sensor to detect metals in water – a revolutionary leap from the current method of sending grab samples to the lab. To learn more, connect with 2S Water Incorporated on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.

Evergreen Environmental Management

Evergreen Environmental Management specialises in the reclamation and construction of pipelines, leases, roads and oil & gas batteries within the Construction, Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas industry.

Maapera Analytics

Founded by Preston Sorenson, Maapera Analytics offers advanced sensing and computer automation technology for soil assessment and clean up operations. Contact Maapera Analytics on LinkedIn for more information.

Associated Engineering

Associated Engineering is a prime player in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Industrial field. Stay updated with Associated Engineering via their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

[Re] Waste

Working in Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing, and Waste Management, [Re] Waste provides impressive solutions. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Dahrouge Geological Consulting

Dahrouge Geological Consulting is an established name in the mineral exploration and development industries, providing various services like project generation, mineral exploration, geophysics etc. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.

Nelson Environmental Remediation

NELSON, founded by Darryl Nelson and Warren Nelson, has developed expertise in employing mobile on site TDU technology for the remediation of soil contaminated with hydrocarbon and other organic compounds. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Swat Consulting

Swat Consulting offers services within Consulting, Data Integration, Environmental Consulting, and Environmental Engineering. Follow them on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn.


Operating in the Energy, Environmental Engineering, Oil and Gas industry, CCI is another Edmonton based company making strides. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tree Time Services

Founded by Brad Lafleur, Larry Lafleur, and Scott Formaniuk, Tree Time Services works in Environmental Engineering and Forestry. Stay correlated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These companies represent the innovative spirit of Edmonton and Alberta’s dedication to a sustainable future by using cutting-edge environmental engineering technology. Keep an eye on them as they continue to put Edmonton on the global environmental engineering map.

Written by Mark Smith

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