Cutting-Edge 3D Technology Innovations from Haifa’s Leading Tech Enterprises

3D technology, an enticing realm of innovation that reshapes industries from healthcare to manufacturing, has broadened the horizons of possibility in countless ways. Now, the epicenter of such cutting-edge enterprise is found in Haifa, a vibrant city nestled in the idyllic region of Hefa, Israel. This hub of ingenuity and technological brilliance is home to some of the most pioneering companies in the 3D tech industry. In this series, we spotlight a selection of these movers and shakers who are spearheading the future of 3D technology.

In the forefront of this trailblazing is the field of biotechnology. These forward-thinking companies are harnessing the attributes of 3D technology to advance medical research, revolutionize therapeutic treatments, and create a new digital frontier in healthcare. From clinical-stage biotechnology to augmented reality in commerce, Haifa is a thriving locale for ground-breaking technological enterprises.

Brace yourself for a fascinating journey as we take a closer look at some of the visionaries behind these 3D tech companies and their innovative contributions to this ever-evolving sector. Let’s delve into the unique business landscape of Haifa, where ingenuity and technological brilliance converge into remarkable, industry-defining ventures.

Pluristem Therapeutics

Founded by Shai Meretzki, Pluristem Therapeutics is at the forefront of 3D Technology, Biotechnology and Therapeutics. The company uses placental cells and a unique 3D technology platform to develop cell therapies for various diseases. Pluristem’s remarkable vision has caught global attention, paving a whole new path in the field of biotechnology. (FB) (LinkedIn) (Twitter)


At VRee AI, established by Adib Zaher and Firas Shama, the magnifying power of AI is being blended with 3D Technology to revolutionize AR-commerce. VRee AI’s groundbreaking methods are fast becoming an indispensable resource for ventures expanding their presence in the digital market. (LinkedIn)

Founded by Eliran Dahan and Tal Kenig, is pushing the boundaries of 3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and software development. (LinkedIn)


With the vision of Frida Issa and Pablo GM, GeniusMatcher offers cutting-edge 3D technology solutions for indoor navigation, making it a pioneer in this distinctive niche. The company’s patented solutions are helping shape the future of indoor mapping and positioning. (FB) (LinkedIn) (Twitter)

Cherry Imaging

The brainchild of Itzik Wilf, Cherry Imaging fuses the realms of 3D Technology and Healthcare. This innovative firm provides imaging solutions for physicians, encompassing the ability to capture three-dimensional images. (LinkedIn)


Vi3Dim offers a pioneering technology commercial program, enabling 3D models to be created rapidly. The simple yet potent system of 3D reconstruction puts Vi3Dim at the forefront of this innovative market. (Twitter)


Conceptualized by Mori Anouchi, BabyTRACKS is harnessing 3D technology to open new avenues in child healthcare. The platform empowers parents to monitor their child’s development and detect any potential delays. (FB) (Twitter)


Founded by Uzi Appel, C3D offers dental solutions centered on 3D scanning technology, a revolutionary approach to orthodontic and dental care.


From the visionary mind of Shay Eyal comes OutOfScreens. Together with his team, they’ve designed and manufactured a 3D printing machine that perfectly combines the power of AI, machine learning and 3D technology. Their product, the O-Machine, simplifies the manufacturing process and opens up a world of limitless crafting possibilities.

Written by Mark Smith

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