Columbus-Based Innovators Powering Transition to Sustainable Renewable Energy Sources

Our modern world is becoming ever more conscientious of the environmental impact of our daily operations, and the field of renewable energy is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. From analytics firms to recycling outlets, many of these forward-thinking actors are establishing their headquarters in the heart of the Midwest. In this article, we highlight several pioneering companies in the renewable energy industry, all based in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

Located far from the coasts typically associated with high-tech innovation, these Midwest frontrunners are breaking stereotypes, proving that cutting-edge development can happen anywhere. These diverse companies all share a common goal: to promote a sustainable future through their products and services.

From advanced software tools for energy management to recycling programs aiming to minimize waste, these organizations are shaping the sustainable landscape of the future. Here is an introduction to some of the bright stars in the Columbus renewable energy firmament.


Situated in the intersection of analytics, energy management, information technology, and renewable energy, JadeTrack was founded by Chris Hocker, Daniel Garro and Ryan Prestel. The company provides comprehensive energy management programs embedded with smart tools and backed by an outstanding customer success team. They are dedicated to building a better, more sustainable future in all aspects: financially, socially, and environmentally. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specializing in analytics, renewable energy, and security, SEA, founded by Glenn Baker, provides forensic analysis and investigation services. They offer a wide range of investigative services, from mechanical to civil engineering services and environmental safety analysis. You can find them on LinkedIn.

Powermers Inc.

Founded by Sam Kogan, Powermers Inc. is pushing the boundaries of advanced material innovation in the renewable energy sector. They aim to disrupt the lithium-ion batteries market with their patented nano-scale catalytic polymers, coatings, and binders.

Indiana Michigan Power Company

A company with a broad focus in E-Commerce, Electronics, Energy, and Renewable Energy, the Indiana Michigan Power Company is contributing positively to the renewable energy landscape. Visit their Facebook page for more updates.


Founded by Brennan Kelley and Theodore Douglass, TrashCab is making significant strides in the fields of environmental consulting, recycling, renewable energy, and waste management. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.

American Municipal Power

American Municipal Power is shaping the future of electrical distribution, energy, and energy management. They also actively engage in the promotion of renewable energy. Stay updated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Columbia Gas of Ohio

Columbia Gas of Ohio is making energy consumption more sustainable by developing advancements in mobile payments in addition to their focus on renewable energy. Connect with them on Facebook.

TEConomy Partners

Working across a range of sectors including agriculture, medical, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, and renewable energy, TEConomy Partners provides services for research and strategy for innovation-driven economic development. Get to know them better on LinkedIn.

Accurate IT Services

Accurate IT Services combines electronics, information technology, recycling, renewable energy, and semiconductors to create innovative solutions. Stay connected with them through their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Capital City Energy Group

As fierce advocates of renewable energy and sustainability, Capital City Energy Group is eager to take on the challenges that the energy industry presents.

Larvio Bioconversions

Larvio Bioconversions is working tirelessly to address environmental concerns, specializing in the sectors of environmental consulting, recycling, and renewable energy. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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