Chicago Pioneers in Innovative Smart Building Technology Solutions

Welcome to Futurology, the bleeding technology magazine dedicated to bringing you the newest and most innovative companies in the Smart Building Industry. In this series, we’re focusing on trailblazers with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. These companies are transcending traditional concepts of building by integrating smart technology into the fabric of our infrastructures, creating dynamic spaces that adapt to and benefit both us and our environment.

Smart building pioneers are powering a revolution in industries such as healthcare, real estate, hospitality and industrial manufacturing, among others. Through the clever use of sensors, data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence, these companies are shaping the way we live, work, and interact with our surroundings, offering exciting new possibilities and solutions to age-old problems.

Get ready to embark on a journey that will change the way you perceive the built environment. Without further ado, let’s delve into our feature on some of Chicago’s most outstanding smart building companies:


From the minds of Andrew Gostine, Garrett Larance, and Timothy Koby, Artisight asserts itself as a standout in the Health Care, Hospital, and Smart Building industries. This innovative company is deploying an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network to streamline healthcare organizations’ operations and financial performance. Backed by Artificial Intelligence, their HIPAA-compliant platform uncovers new and useful data sets. Following the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, Artisight’s tech respects the privacy of patients and healthcare professionals. This is smart health at its best. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Jeremy Blum, John Ciecholewski, and Kelton Minor, Sunn is a champion in the Healthy Living, iOS, Lighting, and Smart Building sectors. Sunn Light, their app-controlled LED light, revolutionizes indoor lighting by syncing it with the sun’s rhythm. This application aids in adjusting your sleep-wake cycle, beautifying spaces and combating the winter blues. Engage with Sunn on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Focal Point

Focal Point is a leading edge company within the Industrial Manufacturing, Lighting, Manufacturing, and Smart Building industries. They are engaged in creating smart, sustainable lighting solutions that enhance people’s experiences where they work, learn and interact. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

H. A. Langer & Associates

Operating in the Real Estate, Sales, and Smart Building spheres, H.A. Langer & Associates offers properties combining practical layouts and easy access to downtown Chicago. They provide both apartments for sale and rent, creating living spaces that cater to urban life’s demands.


As a force within the Consulting, Green Building, and Smart Building sectors, BranchPattern strives for intelligent design infused with sustainability. They work to improve life through better built environments. You can learn more about their philosophy on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Nayyar & Nayyar International

Nayyar & Nayyar International make their mark in the Civil Engineering, Construction, and Smart Building sectors. While descriptions remain scant, their legacy ripples through several construction projects worldwide. Follow them on LinkedIn.

800 Fulton

An innovative player in the Architecture, Real Estate, and Smart Building fields, 800 Fulton is all about creating design-forward living spaces that meld with the vibrant Fulton Market neighborhood in Chicago. Stay updated on their projects through their LinkedIn page.


Operating within the Home Improvement, Hospitality, Rental Property, Smart Building, and Smart Home industries, Pipar is an automation technology company that outfits homes and small businesses with smart, connected devices, melding convenience and efficiency together.

Written by Mark Smith

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