Chennai’s Renewable Energy Innovators Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in India

The renewable energy sector in India is booming, and the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu is contributing significantly to this growth. Chennai houses numerous companies leading groundbreaking work in the renewable energy sector. Here, we shine a light on a few of these companies, each making remarkable strides in various niches within the continually expanding renewable energy industry.

These companies are experts in harnessing solar energy, reusing waste, manufacturing biofuel, and much more. Many have not only developed products and services that are contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions but are also providing customers with cost-efficient, eco-friendly alternatives.

In this article, we will take a close look at these companies, their work, products, and contribution towards promoting renewable energy practices in India and beyond.

The M Group

The M Group spans several industries, including renewable energy. Founded by Prashanth Miryala, the Chennai-based company designs and develops innovative products across multiple domains such as aerospace and defense, education, agriculture, semiconductors, animation, and software. Their brand names that cater to these various domains include MeghVaahan for Aerospace, CropX Indus for Agriculture, SmartRoot for education, M-Tech for semiconductors, and M-Energy for the green energy sector. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

X2Fuels and Energy

X2Fuels and Energy is an early-stage startup that leverages thermochemical technologies to convert various solid feedstock into storable liquid and solid fuels, potentially suitable for integration with refinery infrastructure. Their innovative methodologies address environmental concerns by creating alternatives to conventional sources of energy. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Pan Oleo Energy Limited

With over 40 years of experience in chemical production, Pan Oleo Energy Limited is a frontrunner in manufacturing Biodiesel, chemicals, solvents, biofuels, and sanitary-based FMCG products. Their extensive client base extends across the Asian and European Continent. Connect with them via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Paterson Energy

Founded by Vidya Amarnath, Paterson Energy is one of the companies at the forefront of converting plastic waste into quality plastic oil. They use a continuous type Thermochemical Depolymerisation Technology that can process from 3TPD – 20TPD (Tons/Day). Along with manufacturing these plants, Paterson Energy also provides post-installation operation support to its clients. You can follow them over Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Uranus Oil

Started by Sarath Kumar, Saravanan Parthasarathi, and Vasanth JB, Uranus Oil is a tech-based green energy startup specializing in waste management and feedstock aggregation for the Biofuel industry. They offer complete digital solutions to track the supply chain, thus ensuring the origin and quality of the material. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dayal Nathan and Dilip Rajendran, Energyly works in the realm of energy management by harnessing solar power. Stay connected by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Bharath Kumar Athisivam, Mahesh Muthuswami, Ravi Balakrishnan, and Venk Sitaraman are the founders of NVICO, an Energy Technology and Innovation Consulting Firm. They provide solutions in Energy, Agro, and Technology domains. You can follow their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SunEdison is one of the leaders in the solar energy sector. Stay updated with their work by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Regen Powertech

Regen Powertech, founded by Madhusudan Khemka, is dedicated to providing sustainable and green alternatives for energy. They are one of the fastest-growing Wind Energy Companies in India. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Orient Green Power

Orient Green Power Company Ltd is engaged in the business of power generation through renewable sources. This private holding company encompasses multiple clean tech firms.

Swadha Energies

Founded by Ankit Poddar, Swadha Energies is a company that specializes in the Energy, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy sector. Follow their work on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these Chennai-based companies reflect the determination, innovation, and success of India’s renewable energy sector. As the world shifts towards sustainable practices, these companies and the solutions they offer will continue to play a crucial role in this transition.

Written by Mark Smith

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