Brooklyn-based Precious Metals Innovators Shaping the Future of Technology

This Futurology series is dedicated to illuminating the luminaries who operate within the Precious Metals industry in Brooklyn, New York. Diverse in their applications and cross-sector influences, these companies represent innovation, craftsmanship, and ethical commitment in their various pursuits. From cosmetic manufacturing to recycling, each participant uniquely contributes to this highly valued and globally relevant industry. This article serves as an unveiling of these titans controlling the commercial landscape of precious metals.

Unsurprisingly, Brooklyn, the most populous borough of New York, sets the stage for these industrious ventures. Best known for its cultural variety and distinctive creativity, Brooklyn is a burgeoning hub for new and established industries. Companies with Brooklyn roots not only capitalize on technological advancements but also leverage local culture’s propensity for the unique and the extraordinary. This article will primarily focus on those companies headquartered in this vibrant borough operating within the Precious Metals industry.

Whether they contribute to recycling, manufacturing, e-commerce, or any subsection of the Precious Metals industry, these companies are rising stars deserving of recognition. Let us explore these companies charting the course in the world of precious metals.

Cameo Metal Products

Founded in Brooklyn, New York, Cameo Metal Products positions itself prominently in the fields of cosmetics, manufacturing, packaging services, and precious metals. This company offers standard and custom cap and closure solutions for industries such as cosmetics, fragrances, personal care, beverages, wine, and spirits. Their notable products include jar covers, nail polish closures, roll-on closures, fine mist pumps, custom mascaras, and more. Social footprints include their presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Allocco Recycling

Acting as a stalwart in the Precious Metals, Recycling, and Waste Management industries, Allocco Recycling uses high-tech processing machinery to refine recyclables from NY metro construction and renovation projects. Top-notch customer service is at the company’s heart, building bridges via phone and email. Beyond their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, they maintain presence on Twitter at @alloccorecycle.

Control Electropolishing

Control Electropolishing is a company that transcends several industries such as Architecture, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, and Precious Metals. It specializes in providing finished corrosion-resistant stainless steel medical components to the medical devices sector. This Brooklyn-based company makes a significant contribution to medical and surgical instruments. Control Electropolishing buzzes in the digital world with profiles on Facebook and Twitter at @Controlelectrop.

Ever-Nu Metal Products

Ever-Nu Metal Products is an Industrial, Manufacturing, and Precious Metals company based in Brooklyn. Founded by Rocco Gagliardi, this entity impresses with fine-tuned capabilities in powder coating and sandblasting. Their product line stands out in the outdoor furniture and railing markets, among others. Ever-Nu Metal’s Facebook page offers a window into its operations.

Vintage Beads

Vintage Beads sits at the intersection of E-commerce, Fashion, Jewelry, Precious Metals, and Retail. This Brooklyn-based company harnesses the rich artistic culture and history of the area, using it to inspire their diverse range of products. In the social media world, they can be found on their Facebook page.

Precision Metal Fabrications

Brooklyn-based Precision Metal Fabricators holds a strong reputation in the Architecture, Building Material, Manufacturing, and Precious Metals industries. The company prides itself on combining artistic craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, offering an extensive design and construction process that results in high-quality metal fabrications. They employ state-of-the-art equipment to meet client specifications. Follow Precision Metal Fabrications on LinkedIn for more information.

Written by Mark Smith

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