Brisbane-Based Innovators Revolutionising the Australian Precious Metals Industry

In this article, we are highlighting some of the innovative companies based in Brisbane, Australia that are making a significant impact in the Precious Metals industry. From mining to technology and financial services, these companies are leading the way in their respective fields. Their operations span the exploration and extraction of mineral resources to the manufacturing and marketing of precious metals and the development of cutting-edge mining technologies. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices, innovative operational efficiencies and a close link with emerging markets, these companies offer a glimpse into the future of the Precious Metals industry.

Brisbane has emerged as a vibrant hub for innovative ideas and technology in the field of Precious Metals. With its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and a robust talent pool, it is home to numerous businesses making some of the most significant contributions to the global Precious Metals industry. Additionally, the rich natural resources in and around the region offer a unique advantage, making it a leading destination for companies involved in the mining and processing of precious metals.

In the list below, we share details about each company, including their industry involvement, founders, a brief description of their business, and ways to connect with them online. Our aim is to illuminate the diversity and innovation that these Brisbane-based companies bring to the Precious Metals industry.


Founded by Neil Stuart, Orocobre is a high-performing company in the chemical, mineral, mining, mining technology, and precious metals industries. They are heavily involved in lithium and borax mining operations with a strong presence in Argentina’s “Lithium Triangle”.

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Metro Mining

Metro Mining is a distinguished leader in the mining and precious metals industry, led by an experienced Board and Management Team.

Adyton Resources

Adyton Resources is dedicated to mining gold and copper resources.

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Chesser Resources

Chesser Resources offers significant technical and financial management experience and a successful track record in discovery, development, operating, and mergers and acquisitions within the mineral, mining and precious metals industries.

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Alligator Energy

Established in 2009, Alligator Energy is devoted to discovering world-class energy metal resources, including uranium in the Alligator Uranium Rivers.



Deswik, founded by Adam White, is a global consulting and technology company delivering focused solutions to the mining industry.

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Aeris Resources Limited

Aeris Resources Limited is a major player in the mining and precious metals industry.


Bullion Capital

Bullion Capital is a key player in financial services, FinTech and precious metals.

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Stanmore Coal Limited

Stanmore Coal Limited operates in the industrial, mining, and precious metals fields, owning 100% of the Isaac Plains Coal Mine and the adjoining Isaac Plains East Project.


Gold Bullion Australia

Operating in the delivery, e-commerce, precious metals, and sales industries, Gold Bullion Australia trades in the sale and buying of gold bullion, silver bullion and precious metals.

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Renascor Resources

Renascor Resources operates in the mineral and precious metals industry.

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Written by Mark Smith

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