Boise’s Pioneering Firms Transforming Environmental Consulting: A Futurology Spotlight

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In the heart of America, Boise, Idaho is home to a vibrant community of environmental consulting firms that are reshaping how we engage with our natural resources. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technology, cultivating sustainable business practices, and pioneering innovative strategies benefiting all sectors of industry while considering the environmental impact. Here’s a snapshot of some of the exciting companies based in Boise that are moving this critical sector forward.

From agriculture to water resources, these organisations approach environmental consultation with unique perspectives, driven by their diverse range of industry specializations. Whether they’re engaged in agriculture, water management, or other forms of environmental sustainability, it’s clear that these companies are committed to pursuing proactive environmental policies.

As part of the environmental consulting industry, they work with their clientele to identify potential environmental risks, advise them on how to meet regulatory standards, and help them strategize on best practices for minimizing their environmental impact. Let’s take a closer look at these noteworthy companies.

GenZ Technology

Founded by Grant Thompson, GenZ Technology is an innovation-centered company that mainly focuses on developing agricultural spray technology designed to maximize crop coverage while virtually eliminating chemical pollution. Through advanced precision spray technology, they ensure superior coverage and increased productivity. Incorporated in 2011,
GenZ Technology continues to operate from its headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Link to their LinkedIn page.

The Peregrine Fund

The Peregrine Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving birds of prey in their natural habitats. Their efforts extend to forest preservation and natural resource management, underscoring their sensational commitment to environmental sustainability. Don’t hesitate to check them out on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Idaho Rural Water Association (IRWA) is yet another Boise-based environmental consulting nonprofit organization. With a primary focus on water resources, they strive for sustainable water management practices across the state. Find their latest updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Land Trust of the Treasure Valley

The Land Trust of the Treasure Valley collaborates with public and private landowners to protect vitally important lands including working farms and ranches, wildlife habitats, and outdoor recreation areas. Check them out on their Facebook page for more information.

Summit Environmental

Summit Environmental offers comprehensive environmental consulting services, striving for sustainable solutions for environmental engineering and property management.

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Founded by Vicki Minor, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides assistance to families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to injured firefighters. Visit their Facebook page for more information.


Don Chapman founded Bioanalysts with the primary goal of providing solutions to complex problems in the life science and environmental consulting industry.

Rapid Creek Research

Rapid Creek Research is known for their high standard of professional services in the environmental consulting industry, with a particular focus on water resources.

TAG Historical Research

Co-founded by Elizabeth Jacox, TAG Historical Research is a consulting firm with a unique focus on environmental consulting and consumer research. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for latest updates.

Idaho Heritage Trust

Idaho Heritage Trust is an organization that plays a key role in preserving Idaho’s cultural heritage for future generations to cherish. Their environmental consulting efforts focus mainly on preserving museums and historical sites. Follow them on Facebook for updates.

Written by Mark Smith

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