Bellevue’s Pioneers: Profiling Machine Learning Companies Revolutionizing US Technology

In the bustling tech hub of Bellevue, Washington, unique machine learning companies are taking giant strides in technological innovation. From super-powered data labeling platforms to AI fitness solutions, these Bellevue-based firms are extending the frontiers of possibilities in the AI and Machine Learning industry. This article explores a select group of these innovative businesses, including super.AI and the visionary software company

Each company is playing a crucial role in global technological advancement, creating products and solutions that bring cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and automation to various sectors. Among them, firms like Clobotics and TerraClear are revolutionizing agriculture and retail sectors with their intelligent solutions.

Not only are these companies born in Bellevue, but they also call it home, placing the city at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovation. Let’s dig deeper into these Bellevue stalwarts, who are making a significant impact on the AI and machine learning landscape; and stretching the boundaries of technology.


Co-founded by Brad Cordova, super.AI is a forward-thinking company that integrates AI and human intelligence to generate and label data effectively. The data labeling platform uses a unique approach dubbed data programming, which operates on their AI Compiler, providing seamless data transformation from one programming language to another without human intervention. Developers can therefore generate machine learning applications on a grand scale, swiftly and inexpensively. Facebook LinkedIn @mysuperai., established by Ketan Umare in 2021, provides software toolkits to assist users in moving from concept ideation to high-quality production within various industries. The company’s mission is to simplify complex processes, ensuring efficient software delivery and high performance. Find them on LinkedIn and @union_ai.


With roots in both Shanghai, China, and Seattle, Washington, Clobotics was co-founded by Claire Chen, George Yan, Yan Ke, and Zhao Li. The company’s mission involves offering intelligent computer vision solutions to the retail and wind power industries by integrating AI and machine learning in innovative ways. Facebook LinkedIn @clobotics


Established by Brent Frei, Koos du Preez, and Vivek Nayak, TerraClear is changing the face of agriculture through intelligent automation. The firm pioneers advanced robotics into an automatic rock-picking solution that boosts farmers’ productivity. Facebook LinkedIn @terraclearinc

Originating from Bellevue and founded in 2019 by Nathan Kundtz, is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company that serves the unique needs of data scientists, engineers, and developers who require unique, custom synthetic data for AI workflows. Find them on LinkedIn and @RenderedAI





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Written by Mark Smith

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