Barcelona’s Pioneering Role in Catalonia’s Advanced Materials Tech Landscape

The city of Barcelona, nestled in the Catalonia region of Spain, is home to a thriving advanced materials industry. From artificial intelligence to cloud computing, fashion, automotive and more, companies within this sector are harnessing cutting-edge technology and innovative methodologies to drive global progress. In today’s installment, we shall shine the spotlight on companies producing groundbreaking work in the domain of advanced materials.

These companies not only contribute significantly to Spain’s industrial landscape but also to the world at large. By crafting solutions that work in harmony with our environment and pushing the limits of conventional methods, they’re paving the way for a sustainable and efficient future. Let’s meet some of these companies:

Direct from Barcelona, these are the companies making waves within the advanced materials industry:


Founded by Monica de Mier Torrecilla, Nextmol is a computational chemistry startup that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to the process of designing and testing new chemicals. This approach minimizes the need for physical experimentation and enables researchers to delve deeper into the behaviours of the molecules they’re creating.

Emerging from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, one of the foremost supercomputing facilities in Europe, Nextmol is at the forefront of innovating the lab-to-market process within the chemical industry.


Founded by Xavier Marin, DAN*NA is an AI-driven biotechnology company that stands for sustainable technological advancements. The company leverages molecular technology and green chemistry to transform organic waste into high-value biomaterials.

DAN*NA’s commitment to sustainability extends to its aim of reducing technological and organic waste, making it a game-changer within the advanced materials industry.


Under the vision of Jose Maria Pujol and José Maria Tarragó, FICOSA has become an esteemed player within the global automotive landscape. The Barcelona-based conglomerate is known for its R&D prowess, developing and marketing robust automotive systems and components.

Through its continual investment in research and development, FICOSA is positioning itself as a forward-thinking entity seeking to diversify its business and expand its product lines to encompass added value products.

Sensing Tex

Fashion meets technology at Sensing Tex, a Barcelona-based company developing smart textiles. Founded by Miguel Ridao, Sensing Tex harnesses the power of advanced materials such as electronic inks and pastes along with fibres to create textiles that are not only visually appealing but also functional, such as illuminating textiles and décor products.

The versatility of Sensing Tex’s products make them applicable in various sectors, positioning the company as a pioneer within the smart textiles industry.


Another Barcelona-based company making strides within the advanced materials field, Nobodinoz sits at the intersection of fashion and manufacturing. Focused on developing sustainable, fashionable, and multifunctional products, they’re a leader in the advanced materials industry.


Evolving within the spheres of advanced materials, chemical consumer goods, consumer research, and shopping, Pidiscat is another key player in the Barcelona business ecosystem. As the industry landscape continues to evolve, Pidiscat is sure to make its mark.

From artificial intelligence and machine learning in chemical engineering to smart textiles and sustainable manufacturing, these Barcelona-based advanced materials companies are setting the pace for the industry across the world. As we continue to highlight innovations in advanced materials coming out of Barcelona, join us in celebrating these companies for their integral contribution to global progress.

Written by Mark Smith

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